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Wilton Classic and Supercar review

This weekend saw the annual Wilton Classic and Supercars event, held in the luxurious grounds of Lord Pembroke’s Wilton House in Wiltshire. The event draws in the greatest hypercars, supercars and sports cars from around the world, whilst also offering an array of classic motors.

Visitors were treated to the famous Wilton House hill climb, situated in the hills surrounding Lord Pembrokes estate, where drivers showcased their skills by racing up the single-track road, with Lord Pembroke even racing his Bugatti Veyron twice!

The reason this events attracts such a strong crowd is due to the talent on display - 250 different vehicles, all parked next to each other, offering a stunning landscape with the Lord Pembroke’s grand estate sitting in the background.

The hypercars were the highlight of the day, they were the vehicles everyone wanted a photo with, and like previous years the organisers managed to park them all beside one another. Amongst this exclusive list of cars includes; a white Koenigsegg Agera, two Pagani Zonda’s F Clubsport, one Koenigsegg CCX Evo, two Bugatti Veyron’s and a grey Ferrari Enzo – wow there’s a first, not a red one!

Although the event was dominated by modern supercars, there was still a great display of classic cars on show, including the iconic Jaguar E-Type, a Ford Thunderbird and many Morgan’s. To accompany the new Ford GT, the original was also on show. Whether the vehicle was new or old, it certainly provided great entertainment for all the family and there were some hand-over-ear moments when each motor roared its way through the parade.

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