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It may be winter outside...

As the days grow shorter, they inevitably get colder as winter approaches.

If your pride and joy is your car, or motorbike you'll no doubt look after it all year round. But as the winter months approach, it's important to take further steps to protect and preserve paint and body work.

winter storage

It’s always important to protect your car or motorbike from the elements, especially in winter when it may not be used as frequently.

If you store your car or motorbike outside, a tailored Stormshield outdoor cover will provide extensive protection from wintery weather conditions, bird droppings, pollution, dirt and of course, UV damage. Rubber seals round car windows are protected from perishing.

Paintwork and interiors; including fabric or leather seats, are protected from fading which can happen - even in the winter sun. An outdoor cover offers complete protection and a reduction in cleaning time, which is always a bonus!

Bike winter

Our outdoor covers are manufactured from a unique multi-layered fabric which is fully waterproof (not water resistant which will allow water to penetrate) and 100% breathable. Any condensation that forms underneath the cover will simply evaporate, preventing mould forming.

Our fabric is also non abrasive so will not scratch windows or paintwork. Our outdoor covers are then held in place with buckles and straps that fasten under your car or motorbike, ensuring it won’t blow off in windy weather.

If you store your car away from the winter, in a garage or storage facility, or range of indoor tailored covers offer peace of peace from knocks and scrapes that can happen.

Manufactured from breathable, stretchy microfibre fabric with a soft fleecy inner our Prestige covers helps maintain the condition of your car or bike by repelling dust and protecting from minor knocks.

The elasticity in the fabric allows the cover to hug every curve, so your cover fits like a glove.

All our covers are made to measure your make and model, and whether you prefer outdoor storage or indoor, we have the tailored cover to protect your car or motorbike this winter.

Winter Audi

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