At Specialised Covers we are striving to implement Industry 4.0 principles within the context of our customer’s growth strategy, Lectra provided us with a tailored software and equipment to support this objective. Watch the Video to find out how we worked with Lectra from the design stage right through to production.

Our Challenge

We already had CNC cutting capabilities, however it was not fit to cut our indoor materials or at the capacity required. We needed an approach that not only took in to scope the cutting of this material, but also improved our approach and accuracy in the cutting room.

Lectras Solution

To meet these challenges Lectra used a consultative approach to determine the Vector Q25 solution would be the best fit. This would allow us to not only cut our stretchy indoor material in layers , but to also massively increase output from manual and standard CNC procedures.

Lectra Case Study - Specialised Covers_Full from First Frame Productions on Vimeo.