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Youngsters create graffiti cover for Specialised Covers

Specialised Covers proudly worked with a number youngster’s recently in an exciting partnership with a local art team. Specialised Covers, Stretch and Olas Art teamed up with the Youth Offending Team to offer the teen’s the chance to graffiti a car cover in a very first for Specialised Covers.

Specialised Covers were keen to offer the teens the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent by providing a range of workshops that would eventually see the teens design their very own cover. The workshops initially required the teens to graffiti a series of record discs, to give them a flavour of how their design would evolve.

The secondary workshop moved on to a more traditional aspect of graffiti involving a wall, it was important the teens’ worked over a variations of sizes and surfaces –the car’s bodywork they’d directly spray involves many curves and contours. So it was vital to prepare them for this.

Garnet Dore, an artist within Stretch believes these projects are fundamental towards aiding the youngsters’ future, “when you’re doing something like this and you can see the end result, they feel comfortable and see there’s an opportunity to move forward”.

With the youngsters prepped with designs and skills, they moved onto the creation of the cover. R’Keya Barett, Mickey Connors, Nathan Carver, Rakeem Shan and Sophie McIntyre individually sprayed within the jigsaw outline, adding in their innovative and influenced patterns to create a truly evolutionally design for Specialised Covers and the car cover marketplace alike.

The Graffiti project is a perfect example of how Specialised Covers can inspire and create products that beg the question ‘how far can a design go?’ The Photocover and Designers range mirror the notion that covering a car shouldn’t affect its aesthetics – it should remain or even improve your car's beautiful image.

Specialised Covers would like to thank all those involved, it was yet another great opportunity to collaborate with local residents and we wish the youngsters all the best in their futures.