Click to read Closed on the 19th Sept for the Queens Funeral
Closed on the 19th Sept for the Queens Funeral




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We don't just cover cars

SES Satellite domes required covers and we were happy to help. 

For the last few months we have been working with SES to support with their protection requirements for a number of cruise ship network domes.

These 4m domes were getting damaged in transit and SES's previous solution was not only costly, ineffective but also not sustainable with ever wrap thrown away after use.


The days may still be warm and sunny, but make sure you're ready to protect your caravan, motorhome and horse box when the weather turns cooler. Don't wait for autumn when our lead time can increase to 6-8 weeks.  

All our covers are made to measure for your vehicle, waterproof, breathable and manufctured in the UK. Complete with storage bag, door access, fitting poles and A frame cover providing the full storage package.

Until 1st Sept, simply use code BTR50 online or over the phone to receive £50 off our tailored caravan, motorhome and horse box storage covers. Keep your van protected when the summer season is over and it's not in use.

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Digital Patterning
At Specialised Covers we are always looking to improve ourselves, systems and products for our customers and the investment in equipment and individuals is a vital part of the growth at Specialised.Being opening to new technologies, fabrics and sustainable options allows us to stay competitive and forward thinking in the protection space.  
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Spring factory shut down

Please note we will be closed from the Monday 30th May to the Friday 3rd June for our annual shut down.

If your order has an expected dispatch date that falls within this week and has not been shipped by the 26th May it will be dispatch the following week. For urgent covers please call our Customer service team on 01943 864646 or email to discuss.

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Towing cover design update

Since the middle of 2021 our towing range has undergone modifications, including the removal of the stretch fabric at the sides of the cover, visual style updates and the straps at the top, these have been removed and altered following consumer feedback. The stretch fabric has been removed to increase longevity of the cover. We had received feedback of the fabric laddering or ripping at the corners over time. The safety straps on the top of the cover were deemed redundant, equally customers had fed back that they flapped whilst travelling and were often over tightened tearing the cover. These alteration have then impacted on the visual of the cover.

The changes in look and styling lines have been done for several reasons. The removal of the stretchy fabric has altered the functional nature of the seams and zips throughout the cover. The stretch fabric allowed for zips on a curve which were more decorative however they are now required structurally to support the overall fit of the cover. Curved zips are challenging from a manufacturing point of view and don’t offer the same strength as horizontally sewn zips. This, in combination with the location of the handles and locker box will dictate the styling and functional lines we follow on the cover. The top securing straps are no longer required on covers that don’t have the stretch sides. When the stretch fabric was used there was always an element of tolerance in the fabric that could then be compensated for with the top tensioning strap if required. Once the stretch sides had been removed and the cover made in a non-stretch fabric, the cover is created like a second skin so there is no need for customers to tension the top.

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It's all about Holly Raven

Where to start….. Hi, I’m Holly, I’m officially the Finance & Customer Services Manager at Specialised Covers.

I’ve been convinced to do my bit second, this is because this month marks my 3 year anniversary with the business, when my fellow managers missed my 1 year anniversary & then my 2 year anniversary there were repercussions that lasted to this day (I complain & remind them of it at any given opportunity), so when they suggested I do this as a kind of commemoration I of course leapt at the chance.

3ish years ago I was working as a Self Employed Financial Consultant, I’d been doing this for a few years and was starting to get a bit frustrated.

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Caravan Camping and Motorhome show Feb 2022

With the first day of the 2022 Caravan Camping and Motorhome show only a weekend away we are looking forward to attending the shows and chatting our customers. The show is now sold not so to support customers who are unable to attend our show codes are available online from today for the duration of the show.

Check out what great offers we are running this year in Hall 2 Stand 2224. Vistit for more details 

Code: FEB50 for £50 off our Caravan or Motorhome storage covers.

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Tow Pro + and Tow Pro Elite front designs

Every Tow pro + and Elite we make is tailored to your caravan, that means that the covers will look different from each other depending on the make.

Coachman caravans often have two locker boxes separated on the front creating a divide down the centre, Bailey caravans have no front locker at all and Swift lockers run around the outer edge of the front section. All these design differences create different front towing covers. The visual element of the towing cover is lead by the shape of the caravan. The location of the grab handles and that relationship between the window and the locker is dealt with in a number of different ways. If the handles follow the styling lines of the other openings, we have no choice but to build that into the same opening. This will be done with double ended zips so that section can be accessed independently. If the handles are horizontal then they will require a completely separate access point. This is all driven by the caravan shape.

What we can confirm is that you will have all the elements of the cover highlighted on each product, window, locker box and grab handle access. If you are unsure please call our team who will try highlight the closest styling to how yours would be. We try to represent as many designs as possible online but please note the aesthetic of the cover will be determined by your caravan.

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CAR COVER JANUARY OFFER For a limited time only get 15% off our complete tailored car cover range, use code CARJAN15 at checkout to receive your discount or call our team to place your order. 

Discount is available across our full range of car covers so treat your car to an indoor Prestige luxury cover or an outdoor Stormshield cover to shield it from the elements 

Visit to slect your cover.

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We have been recruiting

This year we have been joined by Liam Clarke who will be our new Sales Account Manager working along side Danielle in the sales team. We are excited to see what they can do and what new clients we will be working with.

"I’ve recently joined Specialised after working within Business Development over the last 5 years. I combine two passions together in this role. Been a classic and modern-day car enthusiast I’m excited to see the customer through the whole sales journey whilst they share their visions and ambitions of their companies whilst providing them the high-level service to get their projects completed. I am thrilled to be a part of team expanding Specialised future growth."

Click to read Winner of best caravan cover 2022
Winner of best caravan cover 2022
We are thrilled to be selected as the Winner of the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 award for the Best Caravan Cover on the market

When you’re not using your caravan, it makes perfect sense to put a cover on it to protect it from the typically miserable weather we see during the winter. To do this effectively, however, you’ll want to ensure you’ve chosen the best caravan cover for the job.

The Practical Caravan Awards 2022 are here to help you make the most informed buying decisions, and now, we’re revealing our choice for which caravan cover is the best, as well as our other top recommendations.