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The Updated Tow Pro+

Our new Tow Pro+ was launched at the October Motorhome & Caravan Show 2018 and has continued to prove a hit with our customers, even in chilly December!

With three access points; including a new window drop down, the tailored towing protector allows you to get to the grab handles, locker box and window without removing the cover.

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We love what we do, especially when we get asked to cover something a little out of the ordinary. 

Now a chair isn't really our of the ordinary, per se, but the chairs in question are rather iconic, so we were pretty excited when we were asked to produce 4 special covers for them.

Click to read Another great show at the NEC!
Another great show at the NEC!

It was another fantastic 6 days at Birmingham's NEC last week, for The Caravan and Motorhome Show 2018. We were back on stand 18.11 to meet and greet our fabulous customers and demonstrate our covers.

The team were on hand to offer expert advice on our tailored covers and towing protectors and talk customers through the features and benefits of our protective covers. Customers were also able to take advantage of our exclusive show offers and discounts. 

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New Appointment Announcements

After a very busy and exciting year of growth, we're pleased to announce the appointments of Katie Fishwick as our new Managing Director, and Veronica Jeffries who joins Specialised Covers as Commercial Manager.

Katie, the daughter of Douglas and Carole Long who founded Specialised Covers back in 1981, will maintain the family heritage of the company and continue to build on the success achieved over the past 37 years. Many of our customers will already know Katie from previous shows and events!

Katie has been with the company for 15 years and has the industry experience, commitment and passion, to drive our business forward. Following the stepping down of Gavin Hughes, Katie is delighted to take on the new role and will continue to lead the company with integrity, inspiring the team and building a strong future.

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Exclusive Bennetts Partnership

If you have a motorbike insurance policy with Bennetts, don't miss our exclusive partnership.

As a Bennetts customer, you can receive special discounts on our indoor and outdoor motorbike covers.

Whether stored inside or out, your motorbike is protected with a Specialised cover. Bespoke and distinctive designs guarantee a superior fit and unique material formulations guarantee the highest quality and protection.

Click to read Save £50 and Beat The Rush this autumn!
Save £50 and Beat The Rush this autumn!

It is still undoubtedly summer here in the UK (and what a scorcher!), but here at Specialised Covers, we have started planning for the autumn and the orders it will bring.

And, to stay ahead of the rush, until August 31st, we'd like to offer our customers £50 off all our full caravan and motorhome storage covers.

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A year in life of us...

It's amazing what you can achieve in a year, when you put your mind to it.

And, in just 365 days we built a brand new, purpose built factory, allowing us to double our production capacity and create more jobs here in Yorkshire, than ever before.

Throughout the build, we filmed the construction teams in action, capturing the progress made every day.

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Don't forget your SPF this summer!

With the UK continuing to bask in this glorious weather, don't forget your SPF - Specialised Protection Factor - during the summer months.

From faded paintwork and scrapes on cars and motorbikes, to chips on caravans caused by loose stones on the roads, our indoor and outdoor tailored covers offer protection from a host of outdoor elements including UV fade, tree sap, mess from birds and damage during travelling.

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Hook up with Specialised this summer!

If you're visiting us for patterning & would like to park up over night in your van or motorhome, you're more than welcome to stay with us!

If we're producing a cover for your caravan or motorhome and we need to take a new pattern, it's more than likely you'll be visiting and staying for an hour or so whilst our Design Team take the measurements and create a tailored pattern for your vehicle.

If you're already based in Yorkshire, then you wont have a long journey, but if you're travelling from further afield the round trip can take some time, which can be very tiring in one day!

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Leeds Triathlon, Lou and The Lady Bugs Trust

On Sunday 10 June, we'll be supporting our own triathlete in training, Louise, who is taking part in the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds with the amazing Stephan & his daughter Chloe Couture, who has cerebral palsy.

The team of 3 will be raising money for Stephan's and his wife Jo's charity, Lady Bugs Trust, which helps improve the lives of disabled children & young adolescents.

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Which Tow Pro?

A caravan is an expensive investment, so it's important you protect it from damage that can happen when you're towing.

Our range of patented Towing Protectors protect the front of your caravan from chips and stones that can fly up from the road when you're towing, as well as keeping dirt at bay, meaning less cleaning and more relaxation time when you arrive at your destination! 

From our entry product Tow Pro Lite, to our top of the range Tow Pro Elite, you can be sure of complete protection and peace of mind with our NCC Verified towing protectors. All our Tow Pros are designed and manufactured here in our Yorkshire factory, using waterproof, breathable and non-abrasive fabrics. 

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Your car doesn't just need protecting in the winter...

Your car doesn't just need protecting during winter.

If you keep your car outside, the spring and summer elements can be just as harmful to your car as the winter weather. Sunshine, tree sap, bird droppings and rain can all damage paint and body work.

Our Stormshield range of outdoor covers are designed to protect against all these elements helping maintain your car's condition and helping avoid depreciation. Our Stormshield + cover, is designed especially for long-term outdoor storage; perfect if you keep your car on a driveway all year round.