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Indoor Covers
Starting from £199
Prestige is a stretchy microfibre, with a soft fleecy inner and is the same fabric we use to make indoor covers for Audi, worldwide. This fabric will repel dust and shield your car from minor knocks, maintaining your car’s immaculate condition.
Prestige +
Starting from £299
This cover gives you complete indoor protection with a superior fit. Manufactured from luxurious fleecy polyester with a soft inner lining, this breathable fabric is tightly woven to repel dust. The prestige + also allows you to fully customise the colour of your cover and also adding piping and logo options.
Prestige Elite
Starting from £399
This cover gives you complete indoor protection solution with a superior fit. Manufactured from luxurious Bi laminate high performance polyester with a soft fleecy inner. This breathable fabric is tightly woven to repel dust and has a teflon coating making the cover shower proof. All this keeps your car in pristine condition while maintaining its value.
Silk Reveal
Starting from £299
Our silk reveal is exactly as it sounds; a cover to reveal a car, bike, boat, statue or anything else you can think of. The reveal cover allow you to hide your vehicle seeing only the silhouette but hiding the details until launch. We have black, red and silver in stock but any colour is available as we can dye to order. Also printed designs are available on request, please call our sales team for more details.
Outdoor Covers
Starting from £199
The Stormshield car cover is our lightweight, outdoor storage cover. This is great for short-term storage and when you need to be able to pack down your cover and pop it back in your boot. It is a lightweight material but is still waterproof and breathable offering your car great protection. The cover is available in grey and comes with its own storage bag. If its a short term storage solution your looking for then this is the cover for you.
Stormshield +
Starting from £299
Perfect for long-term, outdoor protection. The Stormshield + fabric is a 100% waterproof and breathable spun bond material with a soft fleecy inner lining, preventing the build up of moisture and the formation of mould or rust. Stormshield + is created from three layers: an outer layer that shields your car from external elements, a central membrane that keeps water out but allows moisture to escape and a non abrasive inner layer. All three layers are bound by heat lamination to provide greater protection and strength.