Bespoke Covers

From products designed to protect new vehicles during the production process, to driving covers and showroom reveal covers, Specialised Covers considers the complete journey that a vehicle goes through, and so all our products are tailored to your requirements.

We can also produce covers from 3D Models allow us to work very closely to the finished vehicles but not requiring the design team to physically visit the site.  This allows us to speed up the sampling process and create accurate covers the first time.

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  1. Body Protection Covers
    INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR BODY WORK PROTECTION Vehicles, can suffer damage during production and maintenance. Manufactured from a choice of materials, depending on the level of protection required, we provide innovative reusable interior and exterior protection solutions. These products are designed and manufactured to provide high quality, tailored branded protection to vehicle wings, sills, as well as the front and rear. Call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Exceptional Service

  • Bespoke service

    Top class service. Many thanks.
  • I ordered the cover on a Monday and…

    I ordered the cover on a Monday and asked if there was any chance of delivery that same week, the lady dealing said it was unlikely but would see if they could oblige - the cover was delivered 4 days later. Superb customer service - didn't promise anything unrealistic but over delivered when it came to customer service. The communication via quirky updates was also well received by this customer
  • Customer service excellence from…

    Customer service excellence from Specialised covers for placing an indoor car cover for a Porsche Boxster S. It was great to be advised of the cover manufacturing process from the beginning to dispatch and delivery. A well presented quality box as well. :)
  • Great product delivered on time

    Ordering was easy and efficient. Cover was delivered a little earlier than promised and was easy to fit. It will be even easier next time as the straps have now been adjusted to the correct lengths. Coped well with the December storms.
    Nicholas Hooper
  • nice new Blue cover

    We ordered a cover for our new bailey two berth caravan & after a lot of research we decided on this one, I ordered a blue front and roof and grey sides along with blue wheel covers, but they rang us to say they were out of stock on grey and we would not receive the cover before Christmas so we went for a full blue cover, so after being delayed they gave us the wheel covers which was great. The cover then arrived fairly quickly on a good weather day so off we went to wash the caravan and fit the cover. we followed the instructions to start at the front and pull over with the poles provided, mind you its a tall caravan and the poles needed to be extended quite a lot so were bending.My wife and I struggled as the cover is heavy and trying to pull over the Arial was near impossible, so I ended up on steps at the side and dragged the cover over by hand to the back of the van not good after a back operation!!, my wife then said this will never fit its too tight, but it actually fitted like a glove so once tethered down its great. I hope its easier to remove and the poles don't bend, I do think it is a excellent quality some caravans at the side of ours have the flapping covers, but not ours. The how to put the cover video looks easy but the van is on flat tarmac, with no aerial and two men so just be aware its not that easy. Great customer service with a great product, I would recommend to anyone who needs to look after their caravan Just been to un cover my caravan after winter and its just as clean as the day I washed it and covered it with my new cover, great cover.
    Philip Gledhill
  • Excellent cover for my Bailey Pageant Sancerre.

    Fits perfectly. Easy to fit with my Mrs. It looks really high quality and, over the last few weeks, we have had some pretty high winds and it is still snug as a bug. Would definitely recommend.
    Sally Martin
  • From first conversation to first use an…

    From first conversation to first use an excellent service. The product is as advertised and very easy to put on and take off single-handed (less than 5 minutes). It is well made and should last - only time will tell.
    John Edwards
  • Custom Honda Motocompo cover

    My customised cover arrived and I’m blown away by the quality of it. It is better than I imagined and everything from my first query to delivery was brilliant, I would highly recommend specialised covers to anybody, thank you so much.
    Brian Twomey
  • Excellent product fast fitting cover

    Excellent product - so quick and easy to use can easily be fitted in 2 minutes - perfect fit for the caravan . Strongly recommend the travel cover to anyone.
    R Jones
  • Really happy with the cover and service…

    Really happy with the cover and service provided fits our caravan perfectly. Would most definitely recommend and no doubt make future purchases
    Richard Allerton
  • Excellent product

    Great service. Product fits well.
  • This is my second cover the last one …

    This is my second cover the last one was from a different company it lasted about 5 years. I decided to try specialised covers as it had a better water proofing and from the reviews it got. The design is good and it is a good fit giveing plenty of room for the areal and flue pipe. It is reasonably easy to put on with two of you. Large twin wheel caravan. The only comment I have is that there was no information on the best way to put it on. Overall I am very pleased with the quality and service if it lasts for 5 years then I will be very pleased
    Thomas Lee
  • Perfect fit and so easy to fit single…

    Perfect fit and so easy to fit single handed.
    Mr William John Elsom
  • caravan cover

    From start to finish a pleasurable experience. Very helpful staff that gave me excellent advice . The cover was of the highest quality and fitted like a glove. Would recommend to anyone that wants to protect their caravan from the elements.
    Paul Ward
  • VXR8 Cover.

    I think my five star rating says it all,service was second to none,and one phone call was all that was needed to firm up my requirements.My cover was delivered as promised on time ....although this was in the run up to the Christmas break.The cover fits like a glove and I'm extremely happy with it's overall quality.I would certainly recommend Specialised Covers to any one who like myself that has to keep their 'baby' outside in this country's awful weather.
    Mr Harding
  • Stormshield+ covers are the best…

    Stormshield+ covers are the best quality, fit, and performing outdoor covers available. Now on my 3rd cover and each has been excellent.