Car Covers
Car Covers
From £199

Protect your vehicle. Whether it’s stored inside or out, your car is safer with a customised car cover. Bespoke and distinctive designs guarantee a perfect fit and our unique material formulations guarantee the highest quality protection each and every time.

Caravan Covers
Caravan Covers
From £399

Protect your caravan when it's in storage, or simply when you're not out and about in it, with one of our tailored covers.

As official suppliers to the Swift Group, Coachman, Lunar, Elddis and Bailey, we're the only caravan protection brand to be recommended by the industry's market leading caravan manufacturers. All our covers are waterproof, fully breathable and made to measure your make and model of caravan.

Bike Covers
Bike Covers
From £99

Our motorbike covers offer a host of benefits. Bespoke designs guarantee a superior fit and unique material formulations offer the highest quality and protection.

Designed and manufactured in our Yorkshire factory, our bike covers are made to measure, protecting your ride from the elements if you keep it on the drive, or accidental damage and general wear if stored in a garage.

From £20

Whether you’re looking for protection for your mountain bike, A-frame covers or a boot bag to keep your car or hallway clear of mud, we design and manufacture a range of covers and accessories.

We have a standard range of covers online but tailored options are also available, simply contact our team who can supply a tailored quote to fulfil you specific protection needs.

Bespoke Covers
Bespoke Covers

From products designed to protect new vehicles during the production process, to driving covers and showroom reveal covers, Specialised Covers considers the complete journey that a vehicle goes through, and so all our products are tailored to your requirements.

We can also produce covers from 3D Models allow us to work very closely to the finished vehicles but not requiring the design team to physicaly visit the site.  This allows us to speed up the sampling process and create accuarte covers the first time.

Call our team to discuss on 01943 864646


Exceptional Service

  • Great product , good quility and service.

    Great ! not only the cover itself but the service and form and style of delivery. I have to say the quality of material used adds to the vehicle under the cover and therefore makes using the car an even more enjoyable exsperance.. well done .
    Stuart Carruthers
  • Great Product

    Great product; does what it says. Great understanding service. Ability to design and make bespoke covers. Love the new silver colour. 2nd cover I have ordered and quality has been superb.
    Stewart Usher
  • Towing Cover for our new Caravan

    Took delivery of our new van in February 2015 and had always said we would consider a towing cover whenever this happened. We looked at all we could about the pros and cons but no matter how hard we looked, it was obvious that we could only go one way - with a Tow-Pro of course. It arrived after a few weeks wait (must have been busy) and were amazed at how light it was. Once opened we could see what a really beautifully made product it was and felt both ultra stylish and durable. We won't be using it until mid/late April but feel confident to give our approval here and now. It'll be nice to have a clean van when we arrive at our first destination.
    Paul Proom
  • Taylor made cover

    Excellent product. Fitted like a glove thanks
    John Cadman
  • I'm really pleased with the cover and …

    I'm really pleased with the cover and the service and communication I received were excellent.
    Mark Plant
  • Pretty much 100% product

    Purchased a Stormshield tailored cover for my car. Used the fast track option. Cover was delivered on time as promised. The cover fits perfectly and is of high quality and was very reasonably priced. It does exactly what it say's it will. Company were very easy to deal with and kept me informed of progress and delivery. The only one fault was the limited colour choice at the time of purchase. I wanted black but out of stock, ordered blue, but was telephoned 2 days later to say blue was out of stock. So had to go with green which looks Ok. Not a major problem and could have waited for colour choice, but I wanted the cover fast track within 7 days so not an option. Just goes to show that their products must be very popular. Would definitely use again.
    Graham Willoughby
  • Caravan Towing Cover

    Ordered caravan front protector cover. Ready earlier than predicted and fitted perfectly.
  • They very professional and helpful and…

    They very professional and helpful and the quality of the cover is second to none
    Mr Ian Hughes
  • First Class

    The cover when it arrived was first class, the quality and fit was excellent, just as described on the website
    Alistair Powers
  • 1st class service. 1st class product.

    A well made cover. It fits perfectly and the straps are well placed. My only comment would be if the cover had an easy way of telling front from back, especially as mine fits with panniers and I’ve put it on back to front a couple of times.
    Rob Buckland
  • Great cover

    Fitted easily and looks good.
    Rod Baker
  • Spot on Service

    Bought a new towing cover from Specialised covers recently, it came really quickly, is really well made a a cinch to put on the caravan, even I can do it without hubby's help. Lovely people on the phone too.
    Mrs Helen Hards
  • Nice Bike, Bad Weather = StormShield Lite.. I've Got It Covered.. Have You?

    Thank you for assisting me in the purchase of a new Stormshield Lite Bike Cover. This is the second cover I have purchased from SpecialisedCovers and the process of dealing with you guys was as slick as ever. It is refreshing to speak to somebody who actually knows their product. When I ordered my first Stormshield Lite Bike Cover several years ago, I was a little worried when it arrived at how light it was and whether it would do the job? I needn’t have worried. I have tried numerous covers in the past at prices both cheaper and more expensive than the Stormshield Lite and they have provided nowhere near the protection that the Stormshield Lite does. It is so light and easy to manage, fits to the bike perfectly and is securely attached It is also totally waterproof and a thousand times better than the light covers you can buy from Argos, eBay etc.. The alternative heavier covers you can buy are just too heavy and cumbersome especially when they are wet!! That is why I have come back to SpecialisedCovers for another one. Not that my first cover needs replacing, it is still fully serviceable which shows it is a great cover, it’s just I wanted a different colour. I can honestly say, as long as I have a bike, I will have a Stormshield Bike Cover.
    Martin Williams
  • Caravan cover

    An excellent product. It is the second cover that I have purchased from Specialised Covers. R. L. Seville
    Ralph Seville
  • I ordered the cover on a Monday and…

    I ordered the cover on a Monday and asked if there was any chance of delivery that same week, the lady dealing said it was unlikely but would see if they could oblige - the cover was delivered 4 days later. Superb customer service - didn't promise anything unrealistic but over delivered when it came to customer service. The communication via quirky updates was also well received by this customer
  • Excellent service

    Excellent fit. Excellent service in unprecedented times. Would recommend to friends and family who have a caravan
    Ann Coupland