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Our tailored caravan roof cover has taken many years and designs to bring to market but its finally here.

The cover now fulfils our customer requirements and our design specifications, and we are excited to introduce it to our customers.  The tailored roof cover allows us to do what we do best and create custom fitting covers that eliminate fitting issues whilst providing a sleek and stylish design solution.

The roof cover will be tailored for your make and model, taking into account any aerials and roof furniture that you may have. We will also know the length of your awning and the unique shape and curvature of your caravan. The cover will be fitted into the awning channels on either side of the caravan and secured with full length zips on both sides. It will also be fastened around the steadies and A frame for extra security.

We have used the same Torrent material that we use on our full caravan covers ensuring they are waterproof, breathable and non abrasive and available in 3 colours grey, green and navy.

To fit the cover you simply put the awning strips into the channels on either side, secure the front with the A frame strap loosely around the A frame. With the back leg steady straps pull the cover over the roof. You will need ladders to do this which will also help with getting the cover up and over roof furniture.

Ladders will allow you to zip the cover up easily ensuring the backing fabric doesn't become caught in the zip.  This can be completed within under 10mins and the cover is easy to handle due to being light weight.

Solar panel perspex openings can also be added at an additional cost of £75. We will require dimensions for the panel as even factory fit panels are not in the same location. Please note if your require the panel the cover cannot be used in the warmer months, the increase in temperature heats the Perspex which when cooled, cracks. 

If you would like a solar panel adding please select from the drop down, then complete the form you can find here . The form can then be returned to Your production lead time will start once we have received all the additional dimensions required. 

We are starting with a select range of caravans from 2019-2023 from the main manufacturers. These covers cannot be created from the original dimensions we have on file so each caravan must now be remeasured. This will of course take time to build our database and if your model isn't listed, please contact our customer service team to discuss.

Current production time is at 2 weeks

If we do not have a pattern you lead time will be approximately 4-6 weeks

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Caravan Roof Cover
Caravan Roof Cover

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    Product Details

    • Roof Cover fitting
      Roof Cover fitting

      The roof cover fits directly into the awning channels on either side and is secured with full length zips running front to back. This makes the cover lighter and easier to fit than our full storage covers. You do still need to lift the full roof panel up and over the caravan which we recommend using a ladder or step to help reach the roof line.

    • Solar Panel Window
      Solar Panel Window

      We can add in a Perspex window to the roof of your cover but we advise the cover should not be used in the summer months, on excessively hot, bright days the heat could make the Perspex brittle and crack when temperatures cool. There will be an additional charge of £75 and we will require measurements as even though they are factory fit it is not aways in the same place. Please complete dims sheet here.

    • How is the cover secured ?
      How is the cover secured ?

      The cover slots into the awning channels on either side of the caravan and is then zipped on.

      You also have straps to secure around the steadies and A frame to ensure the cover is secure.

    • Why is it only available for newer caravans ?
      Why is it only available for newer caravans ?

      To start with we have only completed a select range of 2021-2023 roof cover patterns. This will change over time as we obtain more CAD files and create our own 3D models. 

      We also need to gauge demand for the product with our customer base before investing more in acquiring patterns. If you can't see your caravan and its a 2020 model or newer please contact us. 

    • A frame cut out
      A frame cut out

      The roof cover is tailored and sits snugly around your A frame, you can also purchase a matching A frame cover separately that will secure to the A frame cut out.

    • Not suitable for towing
      Not suitable for towing

      The roof cover is designed for storage use only and should not be used whilst towing your caravan.

      Specialised Covers cannot be held responsible for cover misuse, the roof cover has not been designed to cope with the strains of travel or has allowances for the caravans running lights.

    • Is there an aerial allowance ?
      Is there an aerial allowance ?

      As all the covers are tailored we will know the location of your aerial and will add an allowance in where required creating a small hump in the roof line of the cover.

    • Zip covers
      Zip covers

      Both zips are finished with a small webbing flap cover, to ensure the zips cannot open when exposed to the elements. This is the same method we use on our towing covers to keep the zips secure.

    • Roof Cover Storage Bag
      Roof Cover Storage Bag

      Your roof cover will come with a storage bag allowing you to store the cover securely when not in use. We recommend storing the cover with the zips undone as when fully zipped the awning tape makes it hard to fold the cover due to its stiff nature. 

    • Folding the cover before fitting
      Folding the cover before fitting

      To aid fitting we recommend that the cover is folded over the A frame in a concertina way to allow the smooth fitting over the caravan. The cover will be packed in this way when you receive it with the zips undone and should be refolded in this way when the cover is returned to its bag.  The zips are best undone as when attached to the cover it makes it harder to fold back into the bag due to the stiffness of the awning tape. 

    • Roof cover fitting instructions
      Roof cover fitting instructions

      We have created a fitting guide and video to support when fitting the cover. Please read and watch the full content before attempting to fit your cover. Simply scan the QR code or click here to be taken to the your tube video.


    • Zip pull strap
      Zip pull strap

      To aid with pulling the zip along the roof line we have added a webbing strap to the zip pull which makes it easier to reach as you move it along the caravan.

    • A-Frame cover available separately
      A-Frame cover available separately

      You can also purchase a matching A-Frame cover for £25 which can be velcroed onto the main section of the roof cover to ensure a secure fit. Available in navy, green and grey to match your roof cover.

    • Tailored Design in 3D
      Tailored Design in 3D

      All our roof covers are designed in CAD from 3D models supplied by manufacturers or created by our team to ensure the best fit possible. This means we will have to repattern all caravans that we offer the roof cover for, and it will take some time to have a complete database. Call our team if your caravan is 2020 or newer and isnt listed.

    • Torrent Waterproof and Breathable
      Torrent Waterproof and Breathable

      Why settle for just waterproof or just breathability when you can have both? Our caravan cover fabric is designed for you with the balance of both worlds in mind, as they are equally as important. Some covers on the market are water resistant and breathable, ours is waterproof and breathable!

    • Roof cover Awning tape
      Roof cover Awning tape
      The awning tape that secures the cover to the caravan will not fully fill the awning tape opening. This means our tape will be shorter than your awning length to allow you to be able to fit the cover. If the tape was the same length there would not be enough allowance for the cover to be fitted and you to get the end of the tape into the end opening.
    • Torrent non-abrasive material
      Torrent non-abrasive material

      Our Torrent material has a soft non-scratch backing that will not mark your vehicle. Always put your cover on a clean vehicle, this will make sure there is no dirt trapped between the cover and the vehicle, ensuring it will be pristine condition when you come to uncover it.

    • Roof cover Colour Choice
      Roof cover Colour Choice

      Choose from 3 colours – green, grey or navy with no additional charge. The colour is purely a preference thing and depending on the location the caravan is stored in.

    • Upgrade your Storage bag
      Upgrade your Storage bag

      All our covers come complete with their own storage bag but is you would like to upgrade to a larger bag with handles and zip access you can for an additional £35. The bag is 120cm long, 49cm wide and 38cm high with the zip running the full length of the bag. Simply select the upgrade from the drop down. 

    • Roof cover warranty
      Roof cover warranty

      Roof Cover warranty does not cover wear and tear, storm damage or accidental damage

      3-year Fabric Guarantee

      1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

      See terms and conditions for more details 

    • Morning Dew and condensation
      Morning Dew and condensation

      At certain times of the year especially in autumn you will find that dew is laying on grass and caravans. This will still happen underneath your cover because your vehicle is a cold piece of metal. There’s no need to worry the cover isnt leaking, the dew will vaporise as the temperature rises and it will escape through your cover. 

    Gallery & Videos

    Delivery & Returns


    Standard delivery from order, including manufacture, takes approximately 4 weeks depending on the time of year. Please see each individual product page for seasonal changes. Your estimated dispatch date is shown on the confirmation email sent to you, at the time of order.

    Please be aware if your cover is being shipped to outside the UK you will be responsible for paying the customs duty yourself via the courier. Your courier will confirm the value with you once the cover has been received please consider this before placing your order.

    Updated Jan 2024

    For reference our Outdoor covers manufactured from a non woven fabric is covered by the commodity code 6307909820 which is subject to a 6% Tax plus the country of entries VAT %.  Our Indoor covers manufactured from woven textiles is covered by commodity code 6307901000 which is subject to a 12% Tax plus the country of entries VAT %

    Deliveries outside of the UK mainland will incur additional charges (see the table below).
    If your country isn’t included in the table, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1943 864 646 or alternatively email us at

    If your mobile number has been provided, the courier will send an automated text, to you, with an hour delivery slot on your delivery day. This also gives you the option to rearrange your delivery for another day.


    This service is available online and through our Sales Office at the additional cost of £75. Delivery constitutes dispatch of your order within 5 working days from the date of order when placed before noon on any working day. Orders after that will be placed on the system the following day and the dispatch date calculated from then. Orders placed on a weekend will be processed on the following Monday so an expected dispatch will be calculated from that date.


    Weekend Delivery is available at an additional cost of £25 and constitutes a Saturday or Sunday, following the relevant delivery period. Either day can be specified if required, and requested by phone or in 'additional information' at point of order. If not, the delivery day will be confirmed by the courier.


    • United Kingdom £8.99-£9.99
    • Outside of the UK will be calculated at checkout or please call Customer service for a quote.

    • Please note, if you are purchasing from outside the UK, you will incur additional import duties set for that country. The prices above are for the dispatch on single items, if it is a multiple order please call for a quote.

    Returns Policy

    Here at Specialised Covers we do our best to ensure customers are satisfied with the products they purchase and any faults on our part are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Due to the nature of the products we sell and manufacture at Specialised Covers Ltd we have 2 returns policy dependent on whether the goods are made to order or stock items. Please see our returns policy below. For full details regarding Fabric Guarantees, Manufacturing Warranties, repairs and returns please see our Terms & Conditions page.



    In the unlikely event of you wishing to return an item to us, please ensure that you send items back via Recorded Delivery. This will ensure that you have proof of postage and can also obtain proof of delivery.

    If for whatever reason you do not like an item when it arrives, or it is damaged in transit, you can return it within 14 days of receiving it and we will issue a refund or replacement (provided that no personalisation has been carried out). Note however, that costs of return will not be refunded.

    All unwanted goods and items shall be returned to Specialised Covers Ltd, Returns Department, Riverdale House, Dockfield Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17 7AD at the purchaser’s own expense. No ‘Postage and Packing’ costs, of any kind, will be included in the refund price of the returned good/s or item/s.

    Items that go missing in the post will not be considered to have been returned to Specialised Covers Ltd. Safe delivery of returned goods is the full responsibility of the sender, and any such lost items will need to be claimed for by the sender. Specialised Covers will take no responsibility for items that go missing whilst in transit. For this reason we advise that all returning items are given full postal insurance.

    Please note that all items returned should be posted to our main address - as shown above and on our Contact Us page. A full refund or exchange will be given provided that the items have not been damaged or used and returned to us within 14 days of purchase. Please also enclose a copy of your invoice together with details as to why you are returning your order and how you wish to have the matter resolved.

    Items with defects of material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at our discretion as covered under the manufacturers warranty.


    Please be aware, all good and items that are ‘Handmade To Order', ‘Made to Order’, ‘Tailor Made’, ‘Tailor made to the individual’ ‘Bespoke’ or any other term that indicates that an item has been specifically, or specially, made for the purchaser is hereby known as ‘Bespoke’ and cannot be returned to us for a refund. (Please see ‘Distance Selling Act’ for your statutory rights).

    Customers should always check with us before placing an order. If you are unsure about any item you wish to purchase from us, please email or phone 01943 864 646 with your enquiry.

    We reserve the right to offer a refund up to the total full value of the item purchased. Any refunds offered will not include any ‘Postage and Packing’ cost that have been incurred by either party.

    Please Contact us before returning any ‘Bespoke’ goods or items.

    Should any 'Bespoke' goods, or items, be returned to us without prior agreement in writing (i.e. by email or Letter) it will be the purchasers full responsibility to make arrangements to have any such 'Bespoke' goods, or items, returned to them at their own expense. We will attempt to contact you via email upon receipt of any unsolicited returned ‘Bespoke’ goods, or items, with our intent. Unsolicited returned 'Bespoke' goods, or item, left unclaimed for more than 90-days shall be considered as abandoned by the purchaser and become the property of Specialised Covers.

    As the majority of our items are made to order to customers requests and vehicles they are all unique. Whilst every effort will be made to emulate the product shown in the photographs variation is to be expected. This can include but is not limited to:

    - Slight colour variations - Slight fit variations - Different style of pipings and seams - Different size and weight

    Please note all our goods are fully insured in transit to our customers and should an item get lost or damaged in transit we shall take care of it.

    Repairs Policy

    Unfortunately Specialised Covers are unable to offer a repairs policy. Used covers can damage our machinery and our facility has strict rules on cleanliness that a used cover would infringe. In the unlikely event that your cover does come into disrepair, you can contact a member of our team for advice. It may be possible to send fabric to repair your cover. All damage and repair work will be judged on a case by case basis and dealt with as necessary. Please contact our Customer service team to discuss your issues.

    Unable to find your answer? Contact our Customer Service team on 01943 864 646 or alternatively email us at


    1. Any customer personal feeling or subjective reason is not allowed for exchange or refund, based on the fact that the product is not perfectly suited to you or the end result does not meet your expectation.

    2. Slight colour difference. We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colours of the apparels shown on our website. However, because the colours you see depend on your monitor and other settings, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display will be exactly accurate.

    3. The customer doesn’t like the colour or style, and wishes to change to another colour or style/pattern/design.

    4. Customer carelessness of handling or opening the parcel e.g. damaging the item whilst opening with scissor or penknife and dirt due to dirty hands.

    Please be careful when opening your parcel.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Condensation under covers?
    At certain times of the year in particular autumn you will find that dew is laying on grass, window sills, garden furniture, caravans , cars etc. This will still happen underneath your cover because it is touching a cold piece of metal. There’s no need to worry the cover isn't leaking, the condensation will vaporise as the temperature rises and it will escape through your cover. If you are concerned you can perform a bucket test on the cover and fill a section to see if water passes through the fabric.
    How will the heat effect my cover ?
    Due to increasing temperatures in the UK we can no longer guarantee the fabrics performance if left on in temperatures exceeding 25 degrees celsius. The ambient air temperature is not reflected in the cover temperature as these will be significantly higher if left in direct sunlight and can be almost double that of the air temperature. With towing covers the movement of the air over the caravan when in transit will help to regulate the temperature and will be fit for purpose when used outside the UK. The issue may arise when left on for storage which the towing covers are not designed for. Therefore please note covers should be removed to prevent damage to the cover fabric which will reduce the covers life span if the temperatures are above 25 degrees celsius . Higher UV stable fabrics are available on request and incur additional costs per cover. If a cover has been left out in extreme temperatures it will not be covered under its warranty and can be tested to confirm heat damage has occurred.
    Why is my awning tape a different length to my channel ?
    The Awning tape that secures the cover to the caravan needs to be shorter than your channel to support fitting. The awnings openings are higher up the side of the caravan so the tape needs to be shorter so you can fit the cover. If they were the same length you could not get the end section in as the channel would already by full.
    Can I tow with the roof cover ?

    No, these covers have been designed for storage only and are not suitable to be used for towing.

    Why are you not covering more models ?

    We are in the process of collecting more patterns but this is a long process and will take some time. We are unable to use the measurements we already have so every caravan has to be re-measured.

    If your caravan isnt listed please call our team and we can add it to the pioritry list for measuring. 

    Why is it for caravan 2021 onwards ?

    From a commercial point of view it isn't feasible to re-measure every caravan from past years so we have decided to start from 2021 and offer the cover for models 2021 onwards. We will also only measure caravans we see a demand for once the product is launched.

    If your caravan isn't listed please call our team and we can add it to the pioritry list for measuring. 

    How is the roof cover secured to the caravan ?

    The cover is secured into the awning channels on both sides of the caravan. This ensures the cover will not come away from the caravan and follows the contour of your specific model. The top section is then zipped into both awning channels the full length of the caravan.

    Is the cover waterproof and breathable?

    The cover is both waterproof and breathable ensuring dirt and water won't go through to your caravan, keeping the roof as clean as when you covered it. We use the same material used in our full storage covers so you can be confident in it's performance.

    Can I have a perspex panel fitted for my solar panel?

    Yes we can add clear panels to the roof section for your solar panel however you will have to supply dimensions as no solar panel is in the same location. We do however recommend if you want to use the cover all year to not have one fitted. The Perspex panels are not suitable to be used over the warmer months as the increased temperature can cause them to crack.

    Is there an additional charge for a perspex solar panel?


    Click here for the Solar Panel dimension sheet and email completed form to referencing your order number.

    Will I end up with a two tone caravan?

    This could be an issue in the long term but is unlikley especially if the cover is only used through the autumn/winter months. The cover will reduce the amount of UV the roof is exposed too but the paint work will take years to show UV damage on the sides. This is a personal preference and depends if you feel the benefits of the roof cover out way those of the full storage cover.  

    Is it hard to fit?

    We have designed the cover to support the easiest fitting method possible. We would recommend two people fit the cover and you will need ladders. Feeding the awning tape into the channels is quite simple whilst getting the roof section up and over the caravan is more challenging. We feel it is easy with ladders and the use of the leg steady strap to pull the cover over the roof. We have created a video for you to watch to get a better idea of the process and the whole fitting can be done in under 10 minutes. 

    It is essential to have the cover folded correctly over the A frame in a concertina style and that the zips are fully undone before fitting. This will allow for a smoother transition for the cover to go up and over the caravan.

    Why isn't the roof cover the third the cost of a full cover?

    Even though these covers use less fabric, sewing all the fixtures and components on to the roof cover is very time consuming and the additonal parts they require cost more than the fabric that has been removed. They also still need to go through the same processes and systems in our factory from design, cutting, QC and dispatch which all contirbute to the RRP. We felt that the specific benefitis for some customers was worth offering the product as an option in our range.

    Will it accommodate my aerial and air con ?

    We will have a tailored pattern for your caravan so all roof furniture that is standard will be accommodated for. You will need to let us know you have an air con unit and the dimensions as these are not standard so we can add the correct allowances to accommdate for it.

    We can only add allowances for air cons that are located in the roof lights, those located on the edge of the caravan cannot be covered with a roof cover. Click here for the air con dimension sheet and email completed form to referencing your order number.

    Can the roof cover accommodate a bike rack ?

    We can accomodate a bike rack into the roof cover however we will require you to supply the dimensions and photos to support. Click here for the bike rack dimension sheet and email completed form to referencing your order number.

    What is the current lead time ?

    Our current lead time is 8-12 weeks for our roof covers due to patterns still being completed