Meet the Team

Welcome to the Specialised Covers Management, Design and Customer Service team. We wanted to introduce them to you so you could put faces to the names. We however can't forget the vital Production team who without them none of this would happen. There are too many to list, but we are proud and grateful for all the work that they do and continuing the legacy of UK manufacturing being sonorous with great quality throughout the world. Our hard-working team strive to produce protective covers to fulfil our clients’ requirements and their pride in the work is a pleasure to work alongside. "Successful people are not gifted; They work hard, then succeed on purpose"

The Management team

Since I took over as Managing Director in 2018 my first objective was to create a Management Team of independent like-minded people who had the same values & work ethic, capable of supporting with skills in areas that I did not possess. Over the last few years which have been unusual to say the least it has bonded us further as a team and a family. Like all families we each play a different role with those of us who are hot headed and leap first and ask questions later to the methodical, processed driven mind set of others. We have criers and huggers and others that will run a mile at the thought of either but what we all have in common is the drive to succeed and ensure the legacy and growth of Specialised Covers.

We live by many quotes at Specialised, many not fit to be written down but one I personally believe in is

" Courageous participation attracts positive things "


Katie Fishwick

Managing Director

I have been MD since 2018 but part of the business since my parents started it in 1981. I wouldn't consider myself a traditional MD but love getting involved with multiple projects from design, website, marketing and our social media. My main passion though is for all thing interiors and equestrian which I hope to be able to incorporate into the business in the future. I also love spending time in the Lake Districts walking and kayaking with my two daughters and husband.

Veronica Jeffries

Commercial Manager

I joined Specialised in 2018 having known Katie for many years, she felt my skill set were what she needed to move the business forward. I come from a commercially results driven back-ground from my time within the competitive FMCG & retail industry. I take great pride in being part of, as well as managing, motivating, training & empowering a successful & productive team to deliver results. Passionate about growth be it with the business or me so always pushing myself with some physical challenge & planning an adventure.

Holly Dowle

Sales Account Manager

I recently joined the Sales team at Specialised Covers after spending many years is in the Fashion Retail sector. Katie had met my dad at her daughters motorbike lesson where he is an instructor and thought we should chat !. With a love for anything that has an engine it’s pleasure to be surrounded by so many likeminded people and having the opportunity to work on so many diverse and exciting projects. I look forward to developing and nurturing all customer relationships to provide an outstanding service that we here at Specialised Covers pride ourselves on.


Jenny Evans

Business Development Manager

I joined Specialised back in 2014 following completion of my degree in Fashion Design. Managing the Design Team here is a real passion project for me – Not only do we have an incredibly talented and supportive team, but a rare opportunity to marry traditional tailoring techniques with digital design. Together with a personal love for beautiful cars, the varied workload and wonderful clients is what this job is all about. Is it really work if you’re having fun? If there's one thing I’ve learnt about working at Specialised Covers – It’s to expect the unexpected!

Jaik Singh

Design Engineer

I joined the Specialised Covers design team as a Design Engineer in June 2023. Having previously graduated in Product Design and gaining over 5 years industry experience of designing bespoke products, I came to the business with a range transferable skills and experiences. I take pride in my past work and achievements - this is what motivates me to continue producing the best quality of work, and I am dedicated to continuing to excel in design and CAD. I’m enjoying working in a modern environment, surrounded by friendly, helpful, and welcoming personalities. Working within the automotive/ luxury goods industry excites me and I look forward to my journey of being involved in the awesome projects and times ahead at Specialised.

Zahra Khedapa

Design Engineer

In December 2022, I joined the team at Specialised Covers following the completion of my Degree in Product Design and 5 years of experience designing covers for boats, furniture, and cars, as well as developing new innovative product concepts. With a passion for automotive and design, I'm thrilled to be working at Specialised Covers, where I have had the opportunity to design covers for the latest cars in the industry and collaborate with a highly skilled and professional team. My commitment to delivering exceptional results is unwavering, and I am always seeking new challenges to enhance my skills and knowledge. I take pride in my work and strive to exceed client expectations in all of my designs.


Darecca Tarasek

Design Manager

I joined the Specialised Covers family in 2019 coming from a pattern cutting and tailoring background in workwear and outerwear, following my diploma and degree in Fashion and Textiles. There is always a new and exciting contract or private order coming our way, be it a beautiful unreleased super car or a weird and wonderful one-off request. No two days are the same here and I love it, our team is creative, positive, and vibrant and make it even more of a great place to be.

Jonathan Forward


I started my Specialised Covers journey in 2014, working across multiple departments, including both Sales and Cutting, before joining Design 3 years ago. As a car enthusiast, I bring a wealth of automotive knowledge and a lot of personality to the team! I am honoured to have followed in my uncle’s footsteps, who started the business 40 years ago, and to now have the pleasure of travelling across the globe to prestigious automotive manufacturers and seeing things many people would only dream of. If you want to talk cars – I’m your guy.

Alannah Dolan

Graphic Designer

I have recently joined the Specialised Covers Design Team in August 2023. Already being made to feel at home by the rest of the team I am keen to put my knowledge of all things Design and Textiles to good use. Having previous educational experience and a degree in Textile Design, I have a passion for anything creative. I love to use Digital as well as process led methods to create new concepts and can’t wait to use these transferrable skills in this new design role. Coming from a fashion and interior print background applying my design abilities to all things automotive has already been an exciting new challenge and I’m looking forward to what projects are yet to come!



Helen Skelton

Customer Service Assistant

I have recently joined the Specialised Covers Team having worked in Customer Service & Administration functions within both the banking and manufacturing industries. I hope to put my experience to good use helping and guiding our customers to find the ideal product for their much-loved vehicles whether that be a car, caravan, motorhome or motorbike. I am enjoying the challenge of gaining new knowledge in all these areas whilst hopefully contributing to the success of our team

Rebecca Robertshaw

Customer Service Assistant

I joined Specialised Covers last year after working within customer facing roles and customer account management. I can say I knew very little about cars, caravans and motorbikes when I first joined but with the help and support of everyone here, I have learnt so much and look forward to expanding my knowledge further and providing our customers with the best service.

Dominic Howlett

Marketing Manager

I joined as Marketing Manager at Specialised Covers in June 2023. With a background 9 years’ experience in marketing and content creation in the automotive sector, I have a strong passion for photography and videography. I’ve had the honour of photographing bespoke cars and products so I’m looking forward to applying this to the Specialised social media and getting creative. I’m excited to work with the team to document the processes that go on behind the scenes and all the latest products, so that customers can see the level of quality and detail Specialised has to offer.



HR Manager

I have recently joined Specialised Covers after working in a Managerial position in a different industry. The skills and experience that I gained are transferable to my HR role here at Specialised and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of the business. I will strive to support and train all members of the Specialised team to the best of my ability, to ensure that the team can grow and develop professionally and personally My vision is to create a happy, content and productive work force who feel valued and appreciated every day.