Our Return to work 

Update 1st April 2021

We are continuing to operate and manufacture as normal with our Covid Protocols in place.  We are now testing all our staff weekly to help support reducing the spread in A symptomatic staff memebers which so far has been very successful.  As with the majority of companies we are working with a reduced work force and supply chains are continuing to be challenging.  We are trying to maintain normal production lead times but planning and access the raw materials are often beyond our control, if products are urgent or required for a specific time please ensure you are ordering as soon as possible. We are looking forward to some lifting of restrictions soon and hope this will support the UK manufacturing sector.

Update 2nd October 2020

As of Oct 2020 we have now retuned the majority of our staff to the business. We have unfortunately, as many other business, have had to make a number of staff redundant, reducing our overall head count across the business, this is in direct relation to a down turn in contract orders. This has naturally impacted our lead times and production capacity as we adjust to the new numbers.  Private customers orders have however been overwhelming positive and your support has been of great comfort to us over the last few months.  We are working tirelessly to get your covers out and to still provide the level of service and product synonymous with Specialised Covers.

The challenges of keeping a Covid free production environment changes daily, with staff having to self-isolate with family members or showing symptoms and requiring to be quarantine until tested.  This creates unplanned fluctuations in our production lines which are unavoidable.   As a UK manufacture our staff are unable to work from home and their support in returning to work and following our Covid protocols have been resoundingly positive.  To date we have not had any positive cases within the Specialised Team and we hope that this will continue.

We ask for customers to be patient and to bear with us as we navigate this turbulent period and please allow the longest lead times you can to support our production teams. Our core value of Protect and Preserve has never resonated so loudly and we will continue to move forward and strive for growth in all areas.

Update 29th July 2020

As we move into August we are starting to see the positive return of our private customers which in turn is helping to support the retun of production staff.  However please be aware the we are still running at a reduced capacity through out the office and in production therefore it may take us a little longer to reply to enquries, answer the phones and manufacture products.  Please bear with us and we appreciate your understanding during this transition period. If products are urgent please call 01943 864646 to discuss and allow as much time as possible for manufacture.  

Update 26th May 2020

As of the  26th May we will be returning a proportion of our production staff to start works on our own orders.  We have been producing PPE for the last few weeks, however this has now been completed and we can start to phase in staff to support a return to normal production.

We accessed and continue to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for workers we have had to furlough which is currently around 55% of our team. Bringing back employees that can work, and doing so in the safest way possible is our focus for June

We have developed our return to work guidelines by following Public Health Executive (PHE) and Citation guidelines. The health and safety of our employees always comes first, using the guidance available we have been able to implement a range of safer working practices that our staff returning to work need to adhere too.

The Government condition falls into five distinct categories: requiring a respective risk assessment, with the results communicated; clear cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures in place; facilitating home working where feasible; maintaining social distancing on site; and a management plan to mitigate the transmission risk.

The risk assessment performed by Citation and ourselves highlighted the need for additional elements to support our return however our current manufacturing layout naturally facilitated staff and teams to maintain social distancing.

This allows two-meter distance between workers and adequate space to move around their areas when required.  The washrooms across our site have had additional signage added and cleaning materials made available.  Face masks are now compulsory in the factory and office areas, staff will be supplied with 5 masks which can be washed and reused. We will also maintain a work from home policy for those who are able to.

Our robust measures will ensure staff stay as safe as possible at all times. There is also an enhanced cleaning routine and clear guidance to the workforce on limiting the risk of infection. In relevant office areas and canteens where distancing is more challenging, our control measure is limiting capacity, staggered break times and distanced seating.

Measures we have introduced:

  • Phased return with reduced number of staff on site initially.
  • Employees advised to arrive at work before their planned start time to allow for queuing.
  • All employees instructed to complete online training and read our risk assessment before attending work and not to attend work if they answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions regarding symptoms.
  • Controlled entry and exit points managed by the member of the Management team onsite.
  • Employees have their temperature checked and confirm they have no symptoms each day before entering the building.
  • Anyone with a temperature of over 37.8C will not be allowed access to the building and will be informed to self-isolate for 2 weeks.  
  • All staff working consistent 8am-5pm hours so no longer required to physically clock in.
  • All staff encouraged not to leave site during the working day, lunches to be brought in. 
  • Workers keep a 2m distance from others when possible.
  • Visual reminder of 2m distance to re-enforce control where required eg signage.
  • Face coverings provided, and worn at all times (in line with company’s risk assessment) 
  • Each employee will receive 5 reusable masks that must be washed every day after wearing. 
  • Masks may be removed during breaks when seated in a rest area and should be placed outer side down next to the wearer. The wearer must replace their mask before getting up to leave the rest area.
  • Sanitiser dispensers available across site.
  • All workers provided with individual hand sanitizer.
  • Cleaning frequency increased in all areas with focus on contact touch points.
  • Seating areas rearranged to comply to social distancing guidelines.
  • Break and lunch times staggered.
  • Visuals, daily briefings and posters to remind employees of social distancing and hand washing.
  • Hand wash posters in all restrooms.
  • Colleagues working side by side or facing away from each other rather than face-to-face wherever possible.
  • Office workers work from home where possible.
  • Windows opened where possible to facilitate regular air changes.
  • All but essential travel is not permitted, no visitors, and only agreed contractors on site.
  • Alternative door opening methods where practicable eg hands-free (with consideration for fire doors).
  • Management contacted all Vulnerable employees.
  • Extremely Vulnerable colleagues (Shielded) have been identified and assessed by Management and are not allowed on site but can work from home where possible. 

 Adherence to these safety principles is mandatory to protect our staff and their families. Anyone not complying may be asked to leave and disciplinary measures applied. These guidelines introduce measures across our site to meet government recommendations on social distancing and safety.

To read our policy please click here and here