Patterning Process

At Specialised Cover we are considered the Savile Row tailors of the vehicle world, creating covers in the same method you would a bespoke suit. Over the years we have deveolped and introduce new processes and methods to support achieving the right fit and function for our client protection needs.
We continue this pursuit to improve ourselves though acknowledging our heritage whilst also embracing the digital future.
"Successful people are not gifted; They work hard, then succeed on purpose"


At Specialised Cover we are considered the Savile Row tailors of the vehicle world, creating covers in the same method you would a bespoke suite.

We harmonise time-honoured artistry with cutting-edge technologies to craft exceptional bespoke vehicle covers. Our roots trace back to the 1980s, a time when precision cloth patterns were meticulously tailored to vehicles, much like the intricate craftsmanship of a Savile Row suit. Today we working in many different ways utalising digital progression with 3D models both supplied or generated by our team.

Just as a tailor shapes fabric to hug the contours of the wearer, we employ a bespoke approach by either draping cloth over the vehicle’s form or working from the 3D model skin,refining the fit through precise pinning and cutting.


Cloth Patterning

Our Traditional Method

Established in 1981, our approach to crafting tailored covers reflects a blend of tradition and innovation. In an era pre-dating computer-aided design, our process resembled bespoke tailoring, akin to the meticulous craftsmanship seen on Savile Row. Our initial patterns were created by draping cloth over vehicles, shaped with precision through pinning and sculpting. This method involved marking cloth panels with vehicle features – handles, outlines, arches – guiding our cutting and design teams for an impeccable fit.

Our signature tailored aesthetic emerged from this labour-intensive technique, a result of years of honing skill and knowledge. This skill, while sought-after, is a challenge to find and cultivate, a testament to its value. We remain dedicated to this tradition, preserving a fitting legacy.

We now hold a huge archive if over 1000 cloth patterns however new vehicles continually emerge, necessitating new pattern creation.

The 2D Team

Our Patterning Team

At the core of our Patterning Team are two highly skilled designers, Jonathan and Darecca, complemented by our Design Manager, Jenny, and Digital Designer, Alannah. Each team member brings a diverse design background to the table, allowing them to draw from varied realms of expertise when collaborating on extensive patterning projects—whether executed in-house or on-site for diverse clientele.

Dedicated to upholding the rich tradition at Specialised Covers, our team meticulously employs traditional cloth patterning techniques on vehicles whenever possible. As well as these time-honoured methods, they seamlessly integrate precision by translating measurements into 2D and CAD software.



Our unwavering commitment to tradition alongside pragmatic integration of digital tools underscores our mission: to create covers that balance craftsmanship and innovation, offering both protection and elegance.Over time, our patterning process has evolved into a seamless blend of tradition and progress. By integrating modern technologies, we have propelled our production techniques into the future while maintaining our commitment to crafting timeless, flawless covers. The synthesis of form and function remains our priority, achieved through the strategic fusion of 3D software and traditional pattern methodologies.




In 2018, we set a goal to enhance the efficiency and precision of our patterning process. Our search encompassed a range of methodologies, including hand-held scanners and digital vehicular photography, yet none met our exacting standards for fit and aesthetics. We were eventually led to Proliner, a pioneering company renowned in marine and kitchen industries. Proliner by Prodium offered a solution – a digital template creation system that maps the contours of objects, including vehicles.

Navigating the vehicle’s perimeter, strategically placed reference points input into a living digital model within the Proliner system. This digital blueprint transitions into a file format compatible with our 3D CAD software. Using Solid Works, our team sculpts a digital model that captures every facet of the vehicle’s surface, informed by the stress analysis to ensure both structural integrity and aesthetic coherence. The next phase takes the model into the 2D CAD software Optitex. This is where all fittings are added such as clips etc. Our designers ensure all pieces fit together correctly and then the pattern is then sent to the cutting team.



Embracing our heritage while looking to the future, we remain committed to crafting bespoke covers that embody artistry, engineering, and innovation. Through the adept fusion of tradition and technology, we deliver not just covers, but impeccable safeguards that honour the past while embracing the future.The result is more than a cover; it’s a testament to the harmony achieved when tradition and innovation unite. Similar to a Savile Row suit that exudes elegance, our bespoke covers stand as a testament to the craftsmanship that transcends time, enhancing vehicular protection.



Our forward-thinking 3D Team is spearheaded by our accomplished Design Engineers, Jaik Singh and Zara Khedapa. With degrees in Product Design and over five years of industry experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the CAD realm. Using their expertise, our CAD team utilises cutting-edge technologies to elevate our product lines. This allows us to expand our offerings and create bespoke cover models for vehicles that might not be physically accessible.

The incorporation of 3D elements has streamlined our design process, providing a seamless work-flow for our team. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect is fine-tuned, allowing us to deliver unparalleled bespoke services to our valued customers.

By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and seamlessly integrating 3D design capabilities, Specialised Covers remains at the forefront of precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction.