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The famous bloggers and their Tow Pro!

If you're a keen caravanner, it's more than likely you'll have seen, or at least heard, of the fabulous Trudgian family.

The family of four, made up of Dan (dad), Angela (mum), Thomas and Chloe (the kids) are based in Wiltshire and have recently embarked on a great caravan adventure. As they travelled and took trips all around the UK, they became rather knowledgable in everything caravan and caravan holiday related. As a result, they decided to start a blog where they could share handy tips and helpful advice with fellows cavananners.

Thomas, Dan, Chloe and Angela Trudgian. http://the-trudgians.com/ 

We were proud as punch when we spotted Dan using one of our Specialised Covers Towing Protectors in a recent appearance on the Channel 5 show, Carry on Caravanning. We got in touch with Dan to ask him what he thought of his Tow Pro. Customer feedback is extremely important to us, so we were delighted with his honest review of his trusty Tow Pro.

Here we share Dan's thoughts as to why he decided to buy a towing protector and if it was a worthwhile investment for the family...

"It was something that made complete sense to me right from the start of us owning a caravan. Why wouldn’t you protect the front of the caravan with some sort of barrier ? It became a necessity for us when we decided to go camping in the depths of winter. After my son & I had spent a day cleaning the caravan, by the time we arrived at the camp site, most of the road dirt was firmly fixed to the front windows. 

Trudgian Tow Pro
The Trudgians Tow Pro in action

 After researching which covers would fit our ‘van and looking at the reviews on-line we decided to purchase a Specialised Covers “Tow Pro” cover. The cheapest in the range for a tailored fit. We had looked at the generic covers that would fit all caravans but for the price difference the tailored fit made complete sense to us.

Our 1st outing with the new cover was to North Wales. A variety of Motorways, A roads, B roads and windy country lanes lay ahead of us. The cover did exactly what it was designed for. It covered and protected the front of the caravan. Even when some debris came bouncing down the motorway and bounced off our car and ‘van the cover I am sure protected the windows and saved us a huge repair bill. When we arrived, we simply unzipped the cover folded it away and the front of the caravan had no road dirt, diesel film or dead insects clinging to the front panel. A genuine first for us.

We have now lived with our cover for over 3 years. It has travelled over 15,000 miles with us. Its in great shape and still protects our caravan just fine. We really do find the benefit of the cover when we arrive on site, the caravan is clean, the windows sparkling and with just 1 minute to take off and put on its no great task to fit either.

For our next caravan, we will definitely be purchasing another Specialised Cover, I see no reason to look at the alternatives, our cover is still in great shape and will continue to serve us well for a few years yet. The Tow Pro cover has been a real asset and possibly one of the single most impressive accessories I’ve purchased for the caravan." 

Watch the Trudgian's vlog here to see how they fit their cover and how it protects their caravan.  

For more advice on Towing Protectors and to view our range of fully tailored Tow Pros, click here or simply give us a call. 

If you would like to follow the Trudgians on their adventures, or are keen to hear more tips and watch their vlogs, visit their website http://the-trudgians.com/.