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Cardboard Lamborghini you can build at home

At Specialised Covers we are always on the look out for creative ideas and designers who think out side the box.  However the box is the Inexpensive and versatile material which has provided an excellent form of expression for the designer Taras Lesko. Papercraft provides a wide platform for creativity and hands-on construction. Visual artist and designer Taras Lesko recently constructed a Lamborghini Aventador replica out of nothing but cardboard. Experimenting with a new materials and techniques, Lesko defied the limits of 3D and print design. The Aventador A-E2 is another example of the many ways cardboard can be put to use. Dared by his wife, Lesko constructed this near-life-size model, using printed architectural paper sheets backed by a sturdy layer of chipboard material. The completed model measures 244 x 115 x 63cm and weighs 11.3kg. Lesko’s ultimate paper craft supercar now hangs above his doorframe. Proud of his artwork, Lesko is now looking for an even bigger challenge to satisfy his creativity.