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  Here at Specialised Covers, we have been privileged to work with some of the biggest names in the auto industry.  Recently, we were put to task by one of the smallest, Pocket Classics. Pocket Classics   Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. From the minuscule Peel P50 to the monstrous Cadillac Series 75, we've covered more than our fair share, large and small. Enter Pocket Classics, with their unique brand of handmade toy classic cars. If you want a 110cc of 4 stroke, air cooled classic fun to throw around your own private roads or land, look no further than the magnificent half-scale bespoke replicas available from this up and coming 'toy' company.     Now, to call them 'toys' doesn't really do justice to exactly what you get for your money from Pocket Classics. They currently have three different models available on their website. You can choose from a pocket Cobra, GT or XK120. All the cars these guys sell are 110cc petrol engined with a top speed of 46mph but can be limited to 6mph, if you're thinking of wasting it on the kids. The attention to detail is meticulous and having had our hands on these in our factory, we can attest to the superb design and build quality of these beautiful little cars.   Pocket Cobra   Ok, they're a couple of quid more than your conventional kids' pedal car but then they are so far removed from a soapbox cart, it's not surprising. Pocket Classics are extremely proud of the fact that every element that goes into their cars is over-engineered and built to last for generations, as well they should be. Right down to the satisfying clunk of the bonnet latching into place, these little cars shout quality from every nut and bolt. The aesthetics are spot on too. We had the pleasure of playing custodian to a Cobra and XK120 and both of them are indiscernible from the full scale car, they just look like they're far away...   Pocket Classics Logo   If you want to own a slice of miniature instant smile, you can contact them on their website but they sell them through Chelsea Cars and Romans International. If you like what you see, Pocket Classics are always on the look out for other distributors. If you have a client base who might like these just as much as we do, why not get in touch? Pocket Classics have been added to the list of companies we supply in an official capacity. Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Morgan, Jaguar/Land Rover, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi and now, Pocket Classics. Every car they sell will come with it's very own tailored cover and we have put as much attention to detail into the covers as has gone into the cars. We took delivery of the two little cars at 6pm one day last week and by 10am the following day, both patterns were taken and one cover had been completed to a nice snug fit, ideal for keeping your new toy covered up in the garage.   Taking the pattern   First we had to take the patterns. We have thousands of patterns in our extensive library, built up over our 30 plus years in the business, but none of them were going to fit theses half sized pocket rockets. Taking the pattern 2   After our tailors had taken the patterns, the new pattern was taken to our Cutting Floor where Matt cut the Prestige+ fabric to the exact contours of the bumpers, wings, windscreen and bonnet. Cutting the cover   Next up is the Sewing Floor. The cut fabric was taken down to our machinists, who have a wealth of experience in the sewing trade and there it was lap seemed, hemmed and piped together before going to our Artwork department for the custom Pocket Classics logo. Sewing   The finished result is as cute as a button and if cats wore pyjamas, we'd make them. The finished product     The cover goes on