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Top 3 most expensive motorhomes in the world

EleMMent PALAZZO - £1.9 million  Sit back and take a breather whilst you take a look at this extremely plush motorhome worth almost two million pound. It is based upon two floors, which can be extended up to 80% by sliding out the side of the motorhome. Inside of the 430 sq. ft. space there is a fully equipped kitchen and a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. There is also a working fireplace, and fully installed heating for that cosy feel in front of the 40 inch TV. However when the weather turns and you would rather sit outside, there is a huge roof terrace covering 215 square foot. Another unique feature this motor coach has, is that it paint enables the vehicle to glow in the dark. So you will definitely catch people's eyes when driving around it in this day or night. To top it off, this has excellent fuel consumption and saves up to 20%, doing 13 miles to the gallon. Not bad for a 20 foot long vehicle. Vantare Platinum Plus - £1.6 million  This triple slide Prevost conversion motorhome is the most expensive in the world. The first impression this motor coach has is more than impressive. The entrance steps are made of Inca marble although that is not all, the dashboard, ceiling and steering wheel are all covered in Italian leather. This extremely superior motorhome also comes furnished with a freezer, a stainless steel dishwasher as well as a washing machine and dryer. But it doesn’t stop there, it also has a king size bed, plasma TV, a treadmill equipped with its very own 13inch LCD TV.  However, if you don’t like the way it is set out then you can change the floor plan. It is 45 foot long and 102 inches wide, so you may worry about having to tow a car behind. Well don’t. There is also a built in garage that slides out from underneath when you need it, what more could you ask for. Country Coach Prevost RV- £ 841805 Country Coach Prevost RV is the very well known and trusted name in America, so it is not surprising there sales are so high. This motorhome has an overwhelming interior with separate living area, kitchen and bedroom accompanied with a king-size bed. On the exterior is both stainless steel and high tensile steel frame. Specialised Covers provide a vast amount of tailored covers for any motorhome. So keep your motorhome looking brand new by buying one. Have a look at our website or ring us on 01943 864 646.