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Towing cover tips
After I had spent a few hours cleaning and polishing the caravan, it was a trip to Longleat that I declared “we need a towing cover”. Standing with a sense of failure I looked on at my hard work that was now covered in mud, salt, diesel particles and other unmentionables from the adjacent farm. I purchased one online there and then.

Since then we have changed caravans but still use a towing cover and our latest purchase of the Tow Pro + that allows the window section to be unzipped has been a perfect companion for our new Bailey caravan. But still I see comments from others stating that towing covers scratch, are difficult to use and look after. So, in this blog I will share some tips on how we use ours and how we keep it and the front of the caravan in tip top condition.

1. Don’t cover whilst in storage
I see many caravans in our storage yard with the towing cover still in place on the front of the caravan, months after the caravan was used. The towing cover is not a permanent cover, its only role is to protect the front of the caravan whilst on the road. Storing a caravan with the front cover on, will only lead to damp & debris from the roof seeping between the cover and the front of the caravan. Even if you cannot see it, micro dust particles will be enough to scratch and score the front of the caravan – especially the windows. So, if you want a cover whilst in storage, use a caravan cover that completely covers the vehicle and protects it from the elements.

2. Fold and roll
Arriving on site after a wet and possibly muddy trip is never fun and many folks worry about where to store a damp towing cover. In these conditions we tent to remove the cover and fold once so the insides face each other, then roll from one side to the other. This makes a cylinder that can stand in the corner of the awning or shower tray to dry off until the weather allows you to brush and shake the dust from the cover.

After that we store in the boot of the car, as they take up very little space.

3. Use lint roller if dusty or mucky
When putting the cover away we do tend to shake then brush the cover with a soft brush. This will remove dried muck from the front of the cover. For the back of the cover, we use a sticky lint roller that is ideal for getting small containments off the cover. We do this if the weather has been wet or damp and in the heights of Summer where there is a large amount of dust in the air.

Lint Roller

4. Use Waterless wash to remove dust / rain
Of course, it is not just the cover that needs looking after it’s the front of the caravan as well. And for that purpose, we use a waterless wash and wax. This removes dust, bird lime and any minor amounts of dirt from the surface of the caravan. We use this with a microfibre cloth and is useful when the caravan has been stood for some time, either in the storage yard or on site. Its also great for cleaning the windows around the rest of the caravan.


5. Vacuum when home

Once the caravan is back, the pile of washing has begun and you’re already wishing to be back on holiday, this is a good time to give the cover some much needed love. We vacuum the inside of the cover and give the outside surface a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any traces of dirt. Once done, its packed away and forgotten about until the next trip.

So, there are our top tips.

We had our first cover for 4 years and we travelled an estimated 13,000 miles with it. The front of the caravan was as fresh, clean and scratch free as the first day we had the caravan. You may think that the cover is more effort than it is worth, it genuinely isn’t. It is just a couple of minutes of care and common sense and the front of the caravan is protected from the dirt. As for fitting, the Specialised covers can easily be fitted by just one person, in fact I am that person, and it's easy.

Tow Pro +


Content written and provided by Dan Trudgian, June 2019



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