We don't just cover cars

SES Satellite domes required covers and we were happy to help. 

For the last few months we have been working with SES to support with their protection requirements for a number of cruise ship network domes.

These 4m domes were getting damaged in transit and SES's previous solution was not only costly, ineffective but also not sustainable with ever wrap thrown away after use.

The tailored covers we produced can be used over and over again, are easy to fit for something 4m wide and tall and provide superior protection while in transit and storage.

Working remotely from dimensions we created a 3D model and tailored the covers to fit exactly with an opening to support access to the door hatch and aid fitting.

Supporting unique clients and developing custom solutions is what we do best, our team have an array of design process, fabrics and experience to fulfil the most extreme requests.

Why not call Specialised Covers to see how we can support your protection needs on +44 1943 864646

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