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Subaru Car Covers

Choose from a wide range of fully-customisable indoor & outdoor car covers - tailored to protect your Subaru from accidental damage, the outdoor elements and general wear.

Tailored Subaru Car Covers

The Japanese sports car has a big core following, and for good reason.

With excellent off-road capabilities, Subarus also rate highly for their safety, making them a popular choice with car enthusiasts and families alike.

Since 1981 Specialised Covers has been protecting some of the world’s biggest automotive brands. And, whether your pride and joy is an iconic rally Subaru Impreza 22B or the all wheel drive Outback estate, Specialised Covers can help protect and preserve your iconic Subaru for years to come, helping maintain it's value and, of course, your enjoyment.

Our range of indoor and outdoor car covers are tailored to fit perfectly, ensuring body panels are protected from expensive knocks and scrapes, and rust is kept at bay.

If you keep you Subaru on the drive, we'd recommend our Stormshield covers with breathable and 100% waterproof properties, helping protect your car from rain, frost, bird droppings, tree sap and UV fade. Or, if you store your car inside, our Prestige range of indoor covers, available in 14 colours with piping, race stripes and logo options, will help protect from dust as well as bumps and knocks that can happen in a busy garage.

Outdoor Car Covers
Starting from £199
Our Stormshield range of car covers offers unveiled tailoring and protection. All our materials are waterproof and breathable with a non abrasive inner lining. Protecting you car from both the elements and unwanted attention. If you can't find you car in our database then please contact our sales team to discuss your options.
Outdoor Covers
Indoor Car Covers
Starting from £199
The Prestige indoor car cover range offers you a spectrum of colours and options to select from. This fully bespoke cover can be in your teams favourite colour or have your own family crest the choice is yours. With contrast piping and and racing stripes there are no two covers the same. Make it unique with Specialised Covers.
Indoor Covers
Indoor Motorbike Covers
Starting from £59
Our Prestige range of Indoor motorbike covers are only available for sports bikes only. If you require an indoor cover for another style of bike please contact our customer service department. The covers can be fully customised to your specifications.
Indoor Covers