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Specialised Covers’, BMW car covers can be tailored to any make and model. As a BMW owner you’ll appreciate build quality. Our BMW car covers equate the same superb quality of the new BMW 6 Series convertible.

We were quite excited about the launch of the new BMW 6 Series. It was a well made car last time round, drove well too but it was a tad dull. So, we thought, that BMW would have realised that they could make an almost perfect fast convertible, if they could just make the 6 Series a little more…exciting.

And what have they given us? A boring car, with a ridiculous TV advertising campaign that we’re certain has a homoerotic undertone. Perhaps BMW are targeting the ‘pink pound’ from now on, but if that’s the case they might want to address their styling issues because the new 6 Series is just as dreary as the last one. What is happening at BMW these days? The 3 Series coupe is arguable one of the best looking machines on the road today, but then they make an X1, which looks dreadful. Then they make the new 6-Series, which is about as exciting to look at as an entire series of the Antiques Roadshow.

Ok, rant over. The reason we are so frustrated by the new 6 Series, is because it could be brilliant. The handling is superb, it’s fast, regardless of which engine you get and the engine has a lovely guttural bellow to it.

There are a billion toys on the options list. Leather, DSC-Plus and xenons come as standard. You might want to tick the Extra Comfort Seat option because as usual in a BM, rock-hard suspension also comes as standard.

The 650i will do 0-62 in 5.0 seconds flat and will reach a top speed of 155mph. The fit and finish is fantastic and the interior is up to its usual high standard.

This could have been a brilliant car. But for 65k you would expect something that looks the part. Take the badge of the front and you could be looking at some cheap American convertible that has the build quality of a wheelie bin. Perhaps ‘real’ drivers only care about handling, not about aesthetics…that would certainly explain why people buy Subaru Imprezas…but then, an Impreza doesn’t start from £65,695.

If you can’t find your BMW car cover in the drop down boxes at the top of the screen, please contact our sales team. We may still have your car cover on file. If you disagree with us and think the new 6 Series is better looking than an Aston Martin Virage, please feel free to add your comments to our Facebook page.

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