Practical Caravan Winner of the Best Caravan Cover on the market

We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Practical Caravan Awards - Best Caravan Cover!

Specialised Covers Reasons to buy: Great quality materials and construction, something for every tourer

Caravan covers are one of those bits of kit that you might not think you need, but once you’ve invested in one you’ll never look back – they’re ideal for keeping your caravan looking as good as new. But it’s crucial to ensure that the one you buy fits well: otherwise, breezy weather could result in the fabric flapping around, damaging the bodywork and windows of your tourer pride and joy. That’s where Specialised Covers has it, well, covered.

This is the third year that Specialised Covers has won the best caravan cover category, and it continues to impress our judges. Its covers are constructed specifically for your caravan model, are made of quality materials, and have a hydrostatic head of more than 2,500 mm, helping prevent against water ingress.

Specialised covers also feature a handy door access point, so you can get in and out of the tourer with ease while you’re storing the caravan, fitting poles, a storage bag and an A-frame cover. You can also get an aerial and flue allowance fitted to your cover if your caravan has one.

Price: From £449 at Specialised Covers

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