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Range Rover Evoque Car Covers

The new baby Range Rover looks superb.  Apparently Victoria Beckham had her input on the design; perhaps she should help out at BMW.

The trouble with all new Range Rovers, is that they don’t look like they’ll cut the ‘off-road’ mustard. The Evoque is too pretty and every time a new Range Rover comes out we all hold our breath wondering if this is the model that they make a mess of. Perhaps this is why Range Rovers are so sought after. They might look like Chelsea Tractors, but under all the shinny body panels there’s a serious off-road vehicle.

What we’re most impressed by is the new tech that, perhaps sadly, replaces some of the mechanical stuff we’re used to. Instead of a low-range box, you get Terrain Response, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control, all of which seem to work as suitable substitutes.  Now, we’re purists, so we’re all for the mechanical engineering but the electronic gismos are much smaller and much lighter, which means the Evoque stays baby Range Rover size. Not only does this keep the OTR cost down, but it also makes the car more CO2 efficient.

All this means that you can now buy a Range Rover that will do 56mpg, that’s better than most BMW or Audi saloons...! And it’s a Range Rover!

Price wise, we’re confused as to why the four-door is cheaper than the three- door, we can only assume it’s because the three-door is called a ‘coupe’, really it just means your kids get less room. So we priced up the 2.2 litre, 56mpg Evoque ‘Pure’. We stuck some bigger, 19” wheels on because a car that size needs just looks better with larger wheels. The total price of the Evoque was £28, 630 or £27,995 without the wheels.

Now £28k is a lot of money, but compare what you get to a BMW 3-Series M-Sport (also just shy of £28k) and the Evoque beings to make a lot of sense. The full leather interior as standard sets the Evoque ahead.

It will be interesting to see if Range Rover manage to make a reliable car, we won’t know that for a couple of years…you would hope.

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