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Specialised Covers; tailoring Parc Ferme

Specialised Covers are used to tailoring car covers for prestigious manufacturers but now Specialised’s bespoke tailoring services are in demand from major Formula 1 teams.

Specialised Covers’ latest project brought about the development of FIA approved, Parc Ferme covers. At the end of a qualifying practice session, all cars used during that session must be covered for FIA inspection within three and a half hours. Specialised have tailored mesh covers to adorn Formula 1 cars in Parc Ferme.

Adam Irwin, marketing manager at Specialised Covers explains why demand for the covers has been so high.

“As you can appreciate, an F1 team sponsor such as Petronas, who shelled out 30million Euros to secure their deal with Mercedes GP, don’t appreciate their brand liveries being covered up in Parc Ferme.”

“We developed the Parc Ferme covers with a mesh fabric so the team sponsors remain visible. The quality of our tailoring is also of an excellent standard and in F1 good design is appreciated.”

Adam added: “Naturally, we are delighted to be working with teams like Mercedes and Williams. The quality of our work is defined by the brands that trust Specialised Covers to supply them.”

“It speaks volumes to our private customers who know that their covers are made in the same facility, by the same staff that tailor car covers for Formula 1, not to mention our other clients.

Specialised Covers are due to work on new F1 projects next season, but currently no specific details have been announced.