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T@B Caravan Cover | Bespoke Indoor & Outdoor Covers

We recently designed and produced a very bespoke cover for Mr Mark Chapman's T@B 320 Off Road Retro Caravan. Mark, of Harefield Middlesex, was very happy with the results!

Specialised Covers: What product have you purchased from Specialised Covers, and what have you covered?
Mr Chapman: We covered our T@B 320 Off Road Retro Caravan with a full storage cover. 

Specialised Covers: What was the main reason for your purchase?
Mr Chapman: We wanted to protect our caravan when we’re not using it. Our caravan is generally stored outside, so we wanted to protect it from the elements.

Slingshot caravan

Specialised Covers:
Are you happy your Specialised Covers cover has performed as promised and done the job?

Mr Chapman: Yes! Thank you for making such a great job of our T@B 320 OR Caravan Cover. It fits perfectly and we are very, very pleased with the result.

Caravan Cover


Specialised Covers: Do you think Specialised Covers does anything particularly well, or that stands out for you?
Mr Chapman: This was the first cover you had made for a T@B 320, so your design team had to take a pattern and create the cover from scratch. We were very happy with the level of service.

Specialised Covers: Would you recommend Specialised Covers?
Mr Chapman: The cover is great – I know there are many people on the T@B Forum in Germany, who would be interested in this type of cover for their vans!

Caravan T@B Slingshot cover

We'd like to take this opportunity to thanks Mr Chapman for his valuable feedback and comments. Customer comments and reviews are extremely important to us and help us provide a first class service and of course, products to match. 

If you have a unique caravan or rare vehicle, and cannot find your cover on our website, get in touch with us today on 01943 864 646 and we can can organise a visit either to Specialised Covers, or your home address where our design team can come and take a pattern.