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The official Olympics cars

Back in May BMW unveiled their official fleet of vehicles for the London Olympics. More than 4,000 vehicles are required as they’ll transport officials, media, volunteers and athletes around the capital during the games.

But surely the introduction of 4,000 extra vehicles, to an already hectic city, will cause dispute amongst critics? This contentious issue was addressed by green activists;

“Four thousand vehicles seems lunatic when we have such a good public transport system. I can understand a few officials need secure transport but 4,000?”

BMW have assured their cars are ‘greener’ than LOCOG’s (London organising committee of the Olympics and Paralympic Games) recommended emission output; BMW’s fleet will emit on average 64.5mpg to the recommended 54.2mpg, giving the German-based manufacture a perfect showcase for their low emission vehicles.

What are the roles of the vehicle?

1 Series ActiveE (EV)

There’ll be 160 of the 1 Series ActiveE (EV), which is the electric version of the 1 series and will be used to transport athletes and broadcasters.

X5 xDrive 30d

The X5 xDrive 30d is the big brother to the X3 and will be used specifically for towing horse boxes, rowing boats and other vital equipment that cannot fit within a vehicle.

Mini Countryman Cooper D

The Mini Countryman Cooper D will be used as ‘on demand’ walk-up taxi-rank vehicles, in which athletes can ‘flag’ down a ride.

X3 xDrive 20d

17 of BMW’s X3 xDrive 20d diesel powered cars are currently being used during the torch relay, as well as towing boats at sailing and rowing events.

320d Saloon

There are 1,550 320d Saloon vehicles which are continually being used during the torch relay; it’s being used as the official command car.


The 520d is the more luxurious version to the 320d and this is evident in its role; it will be used transferring officials and VIP’s.

The fleet also includes motorbikes and bicycles which are designed for use during the cycling and other road events, these will be used for security and the media. Each vehicle will be stored in and around London during the Olympics, with the cars being returned to BMW once the games have concluded. The games will also provide a stepping stone for London’s electric charging infrastructure, with 120 new ‘high speed’ charge points installed at various locations to support the electric vehicles within the fleet.

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