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Top 10 worst car modifications and accessories ever

Headlight eyelashes

No doubt you’ve seen false eyelashes on a car by now. If you're looking to make the car look pretty, why stop at lashes? Why not stick two giant beauty spots on the bonnet, maybe the roof is crying out for a huge blonde wig? eyelash-headlights

Fake turbo dump valve

So you love the pull and sound of a turbo, but you can’t justify the additional running costs and insurance. So what’s your alternative? There are 2 options; waste £130 on a fake valve that embarrassingly replicates that of a real turbo or just don’t bother in the first place. We’d recommend the latter.

Bad alloys

Spinners. You know the ones, you’re not driving but they keep spinning. They’re pointless, expensive and look ridiculous. However you’ll be pleased to know they aren’t the worst alloys ever made. Check out these unnecessary bear alloys! Why oh why!

Fluffy dice

What an absolute classic. What is the most useless car accessory that doesn’t release a fragrant smell, it doesn’t make your life any easier and quite frankly it looks stupid! No one really knows their origins or meanings, which arguably makes even more pointless. dice

LED smiley face

These Drivemocion LED costs around £25 and at that price it’s a complete rip off. See for yourselves.

Neon lights

You’ve just viewed all 4 Fast and Furious back to back, subsequently concluding that you now live your life a quarter mile at a time. The glow stick look isn’t appealing nor is it practical, so save yourself the time, cost and best of all, embarrassment and leave them for the ravers. car-neons

Scissor doors

Unless it’s a Lamborghini, trademarked with scissor doors then they need leaving well alone. What are the chances of pulling into a parking spot that tight you’d merit these doors? Well you wouldn’t you’d simply park somewhere else. scissor-doors

Unsponsored cars

Car owners with unsolicited decals might think they're doing themselves and the brand a favour with free advertising. Well they're not. You’re embarrassing yourself now stop! guccicar

Obnoxious paint jobs

Eccentric paint jobs aren’t for the faint-hearted and quite often they’re a representation of the driver. Driving around in a bright pink car says a lot about the driver, as does driving around in a black car. What does your car colour say about you? bad-paint-job

Ridiculous body kits

Thankfully, as the voyage of the Fast and Furious films are almost forgotten, it appears that body kits are going that way too. What was once a subtle addition to a manufactures sporty model, it soon evolved into teenage boys across the country descending on Dad’s toolbox and screw set, fitting skirts, bumpers and spoilers - thank god it’s almost over. saxo-bodykit