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Which Tow Pro is Best for Me ?

A caravan is an expensive investment, so it's important you protect it from damage that can happen when you're towing.

Our range of patented Towing Protectors protect the front of your caravan from chips and stones that can fly up from the road when you're towing, as well as keeping dirt at bay, meaning less cleaning and more relaxation time when you arrive at your destination! 

From our entry product Tow Pro Lite, to our top of the range Tow Pro Elite, you can be sure of complete protection and peace of mind with our NCC Verified towing protectors. All our Tow Pros are designed and manufactured here in our Yorkshire factory, using waterproof, breathable and non-abrasive fabrics. 

Once you have made the decision to purchase a Specialised Covers towing protector, you may be unsure of which Tow Pro will best suit your needs. All our covers are one piece but have different qualitites and benefits, depending on your requirements.

Tow Pro Lite

Our Tow Pro Lite, with a universal fit, is suitable for any caravan with two awning channels and no wider than 2.5m. This is ideal if your caravan is pre-2012. Straps and buckles secure the cover in place, and LED lights ensure you're road legal. With a soft fleece backing, the Lite will protect the front of your van, and ensure that paintwork and windows are not scratched underneath. 

Tow Pro Lite

Tow Pro

The Tow Pro is the first in our tailored range, which is made to the exact make, model and year of your caravan. Sliding up both awning channels, the Tow Pro, with it's elasticated sides and fleece backing, fits snugly across your van.

Built in Perspex panels allow your own lights to shine through the cover, and reflective strips ensure you will be safe and seen on the road. Cover comes with its own storage bag and weighs around 4 kg. The Tow Pro can be fitted by one person in only a couple of minutes. It really is that simple!

Tow Pro

Tow Pro +

Next in the tailored range is our Tow Pro +, which shares all the qualities of the Tow Pro, but has additional zip access points to the grab handles, window and locker box. These are particularly useful if you use your handles for manoeuvring your van into place, use your locker box for storage, or need to get to your gas bottle (if at the front of your van) at any point during your journey. The cover does not need to be removed in any way to access these points. The cover comes complete with its own storgae bag and weighs approvimately 4 kg

Again, 2 or 3 minutes is all you need to secure your Tow Pro + in place. 

Tow Pro

Tow Pro Elite
As with the Tow Pro +, our Elite model fits in exactly the same way in only a couple of minutes, but comes with additional benefits. Designed for the harsh terrain of the Australian Outback and used by Bailey and Swift Australia, our Elite is produced from our exclusive 8mm foam Body Armour which offers an unrivalled protection. 

As well as grab handle and locker box access, the Elite also has a drop down front, meaning you can stop for a break or rest, and look out of the caravan window without removing your cover. Also comes complete with a storage bag and weights around 6kg. 

Tow Pro Elite

For a full range comparison, click here or watch the covers in action in our Tow Pro Guide video.

You can shop all of our tailored Tow Pros on our website using our simple configurator, which takes only a few minutes. 

We simply need your make, model and year and we can manufuter having the majority of patterns in our database.

Alternatively, call one of our team on 01943 864 646 who can advise you on which cover may be best for your needs.