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Why Buy A Car Cover?

  Why do you need a car cover?   Whether you have just bought a new car or want to look after the one you have, a car cover is essential to protect and prolong the life (and resale value) of your pride and joy.  Some car covers can do more harm than good though and it’s important to choose the right one for you.  If the cover doesn’t fit like a glove then there’s always the risk of it moving about in the slightest of breezes.  You’re looking into buying a car cover because you want to protect your investment.  Imagine getting your new cover, cleaning your car and fitting the cover as per the manufacturer’s instructions, only to discover when you take it off again that the very cover you bought to provide protection has had the exact opposite effect.  The cover has flapped about in the wind and scratches ranging from superficial to severe have been engrained in your paintwork! Some covers can do more harm than no cover at all.  Sure, you can buy an off the shelf, ‘one size fits all’ cover for less than a hundred quid but if you’re serious about protection then you need to get serious about the equipment you choose to provide that protection.  All Specialised Covers car covers are tailor made to the dimensions of your vehicle.  We have an extensive library of patterns collected over our 30+ years in the bespoke car cover industry. With thousands of patterns at our disposal for both indoor and outdoor covers, there aren’t many cars we haven’t covered already and if you have something we haven’t covered before then we’d jump at the chance to come and measure your car up and make one just for you.  With the best designers, tailors and seamstresses in the business, it’s like a Savile Row suit for your car.   Outdoor Car Covers. The great outdoors can be a hazardous place to keep your vehicle and sometimes it feels like nature is conspiring against your efforts to keep your car looking it’s best.  There’s a multitude of lurking beasties waiting to besmirch your pristine vehicle: Acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and pollen, U.V. rays and sun fading are all very real threats to the motoring enthusiast.  And then there’s the equally real risk from the human element.  We’ve all experienced someone carelessly opening a car door and whacking it against our paintwork and if you’ve been lucky enough to never have your car stolen, I think we all know someone who has.  An outdoor cover from Specialised Covers will provide protection from all these elements and more. Stormshield. All of our Stormshield outdoor car covers are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and breathable.  Not water resistant like some other cover manufacturers, water PROOF.  We see no benefit to a cover that can only offer water resistance, this will still allow rain water and dirt to work it’s way through to the car. Why bother? Our Stormshield fabric is made up of three separate layers that have been heat bonded together to form a single barrier. The Moisture Vapour Permeable Membrane prevents water ingress from outside whilst cleverly allowing moisture to evaporate through the cover and away from your car.  Just like morning dew on the grass, water vapour will gather on your covered car with fluctuations in temperature. Without this breathability, the moisture would become trapped under the cover and do more damage than simply leaving your car uncovered. The inner layer has a soft, non-abrasive finish to snuggle up to your car without leaving a mark.  As well as protection from the rain, we’ve also formulated Stormshield to be resistant to tree sap, be tough enough to withstand the acidity of bird bombs, provide an element of protection from the minor scrapes and bumps that inevitably happen when your car is parked outside and keep pollen and dust particles successfully at bay.  On top of these practical protective features, the very act of covering your car makes it less of an attractive proposition to potential thieves.  Let’s face it, we’re not dealing with criminal masterminds here, just opportunist chancers.  Faced with a row of uncovered cars in full visibility and one hidden beneath a fitted cover with securing straps, with only seconds to furtively gain access and drive away unnoticed, your covered car is a much more dangerous prospect to the would be crook.  If you feel the need, we can also add a lockable hem to make the removal of the cover even more secure.   Indoor Car Covers. The paint on your car is only about 0.006 of an inch thick.  Whether you keep your car indoors or not, when dust sits on your paint it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the risk of you or someone else brushing against the car if it’s stored in your garage.  It can be bad enough if it’s just the press-stud on a pair of jeans, heaven forbid someone carrying a tool box or dragging the hose pipe out to water the garden!  An indoor car cover can provide protection from all these hazards. Prestige. Specialised Covers indoor Prestige car covers are made to the same exacting standards you’ll find in our outdoor covers.  They are all made to measure and fit like a glove. We use a ‘Micro Fibre Closed Knit Weave’, which means that more dust and dirt particles will be caught on the surface of the cover. Like our outdoor covers, it’s also breathable.  Even indoors this is a very important feature that you wouldn’t want to be without.  Temperature will fluctuate and you could still experience condensation causing moisture to gather on the surface of your car. The breathability means that this moisture is wicked away from the paintwork and can evaporate into the ether. Prestige is made up of two layers, the tightly woven, stretchy luxury cotton outer and then a thick, fleecy non-abrasive inner to offer the ultimate protection when nestled against the paint you just polished. On top of the practicality, it just looks great! The stretchy fabric hugs the contours of your car and the elasticated hem ensures the cover won’t move. There are 15 colours to choose from and customisable elements such as piping, logos, stripes and mirror pockets, allowing you to be involved in the design process and create something that is truly unique and fitting of your personal style. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re getting the right cover with the right protection you want for your car.  There are a lot of different options on the market ranging in quality and functionality.  We believe we offer the best there is but please check out our website or give our Sales Team a call on 01943 864 646 to discuss what’s best for you.  They’re all car enthusiasts and have many years of experience between them.  We know how important your car is to you and will make sure you get the best solution for your protection needs.