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Bird droppings

It’s every motorist’s desire to have a shiny and clean car - yet there’s nothing more frustrating and repulsive, than having recently slogged away getting it clean, for it then to be spoiled by bird droppings!

Not only will these little droppings ruin the aesthetics of your beautiful motor, they can be quite damaging to the paintwork.

So why do the droppings cause such issues and why are they damaging?

For years motorists have blamed the acid in the bird lime for the cause of these stains. However, there's a scientific reason behind the damage:

Motor researchers have revealed that when the sun warms up the cars paint, it causes the lacquer to soften and expands, at the same time the bird droppings dry and harden on the surface. As soon as the paint lacquer cools down again it contracts and hardens itself around the texture of the bird dropping. Thus, causing a dulled or etched patch on the paintwork.

So now you know why the bird droppings cause blemishes, you probably also want to know how to prevent them.

You can of course use wax and polish treatments intended to protect against acid and UV sun damage, yet this is only a short-term solution and often doesn’t fully protect your paintwork.

In fact the key to a clean car without patches and stains is to act fast – the longer the droppings stay on the car the drier it will  become - it will be much harder to remove and therefore the chances of leaving a permanent stain are much greater.

Here’s a list of four safe steps to minimise the damage caused by droppings:

1. Remove the droppings as fast as possible
2. Use a moist cloth in order to gently lift the remains
3.  If the droppings are too dry to be easily removed, then leave cloth on the remains for 10 minutes and then gently wipe
4. Quickly dispose the cloth to avoid harbour disease, which can be caused by the lime

Your car should now be free from the droppings and although it’s difficult to avoid the mess whilst travelling, protecting your car with a Specialised Cover will keep your car clean and protected regardless of the number of birds that mess on your motor!

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