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Watch our caravan cover Fitting Guide video

A caravan or motorhome is a big vehicle, so is makes sense that putting a storage cover on, isn't always the quickest thing to do, especially if you haven't done it before! However, with advice and a little practise your cover can be put on easily, in 10 minutes.

Watch our new Fitting video, as well as reading the Step-by-Step guide below, for hints on how to fit your new Specialised caravan cover and make the process as easy as possible!

Caravan Fitting Guide Video

Take the cover from of the bag and lay it out, being careful that the inner does not come in contact with the ground collecting dirt and grit. Slightly open the door of the cover which will make the fitting easier. Establish the front of the cover from the rear.
Handy Hint: The label denotes front of cover.

If required, your should insert Foamex pieces provided into the awning rails and cover any sharp edges with bubble wrap, if necessary.

Before you put the full cover on, place A-frame cover over the tow hitch. This will prevent grease soiling both you and the caravan cover. Makensure the back of the caravan cover is on top.

A Frame Cover

Insert the extendable poles into each of the elasticated corners at the rear of the cover (which is on top). Start from the hitch end lifting the poles high and walking down each side of the van. It is helpful to keep feeding the cover down, ensuring it doesn’t snag on the tow hitch.


When you’re about half way down the caravan, fully open the door of the cover which will make fitting easier.

Take extra care when lifting the cover over the chimney, roof vents, and aerial base (if applicable). 

Once the cover is on your caravan, it can be useful to either tilt the caravan with its steadies or place a non-abrasive object on the roof of the caravan under the cover (e.g. blow up ball). This will allow water to run off from the roof, as many new caravans have shoulders along the sides that can hold the water in a pool. This water will not go through the material but can slow down the drying and evaporation process. 

Next, the securing straps. The shorter straps go around the legs/steadies, with the longer straps going from side to side underneath the van. To attach webbing straps, connect at one end and pass the strapping under the van through to the opposite side. Connect ends and take up the slack.
Handy Hint: Attach the straps to the end of the extendable poles to pass them under the van.

Fitting your cover

To remove your cover, the steps can be reversed. When refolding your cover, ensure the inside of the cover is kept away from the ground, so dirt and grit cannot get inside. The cover can then be folded, rolled and placed back inside the bag. 

Removing cover

For more information on our caravan and motorome covers, or to download our Fitting Guides, click here. Alternatively drop us a line on 01943 864 646.