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Rich B. Caliente

  Every now and again we stumble across an individual doing remarkable things in the world of automobiles. A couple of weeks ago we were raving about the art of PopBangColour over on our external blog and today, automobile artist Rich B. Caliente has come to our attention. Calliente Quote 1 Essentially, what Rich B. Caliente is doing, is aftermarket cosmetic car mods. But this is not your Corsa driving rudeboy approach to modding we typically find in U.K. supermarket car parks on a Sunday night, this is a whole other level of bespoke tailoring to his clients' needs. [caption id="attachment_6127" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Calliente_Merc Merc with 23K gold calipers[/caption] For starters, his canvasses are usually cars that could be classed as works of art in their own right. He's added his signature touches to the Maserati GranTurismo, Rolls Royce Wraith, Ferrari 458 and Bentley GT, to name but a few. That gives us some idea of the trust his clients place in him, you don't hand over your £250K supercar to just anyone to mess about with. And they trust him with good reason. Caliente has been creating one-off pieces of art for his enthusiastic clients for over a decade. Caliente Ferrari He has done some pretty high profile collaborations too. He's done work for/with Def Jam recordings, LeBron James, LouLaVie, King Saladeen and PCNY, among others. He recently exhibited at Art Basel Miami, the contemporary art-world's premier event for engaging artists with their patrons and has signed up with the iconic Kid Robot team to produce the first automotive/toy crossover for the MUNNY brand, creating unique pieces that are precisely colour matched to the cars of their owners. nike-lebron-lamborghini-5 In his own words, Rich B. Caliente has a simple philosophy of creating around the canvas of the vehicle to create an individual piece of art.  He works closely with the client to discuss his artistic proposals before making any alterations to the vehicle in question, often taking up to 3 weeks at the drawing board stage, and calls the process 'Automotive Bespoke Design'. His inspiration is the car itself and says 'All vehicles should be considered pieces of art to the tee' "Rolling Art" Caliente Quote 2   Caliente Robot It's a philosophy we here at Specialised Covers agree with whole heartedly. We'll let the pictures of Rich's work do the rest of the talking. Make sure you check out his website and Twitter