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Shmee150 Car Cover

Hugely popular and well respected video blogger Shmee150, a.k.a. Tim, has just taken delivery of an indoor and outdoor car cover from Specialised Covers.  Tim had this to say about them: "The 'Shmeemobile' McLaren 12C is going into hibernation as I prepare to head to Los Angeles for two months. For the purpose of keeping it tucked away I have acquired two protective covers from Specialised Covers, one indoor and one outdoor that are customised to my specification. Specialised Covers are a British company and the official supplier to a number of car companies including McLaren and therefore carry the full official shapes to work from, as you can see creating a cover with a completely clean fit. They also make a lot of custom covers for special older cars, modern hypercars etc, or those with custom colours and artwork for anything on wheels. The indoor cover is a soft and stretchy navy material, with blue piping around the main lines of the car and window surrounds, with a light blue Shmee150 embroidery on the bonnet. The outdoor cover is a weatherproof two-tone navy and grey cover with a protective inside, clear number plate panels and a lockable hem around the base. More info at and Thanks for watching, Tim" For more from Shmee150, visit his website here