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Land Rover Defender
Car Covers

Choose from a wide range of fully-customisable indoor & outdoor car covers - carefully tailored to protect your vehicle from accidental damage and general wear.

Land Rover Defender Car Covers

The legendary Land Rover Defender might be designed to plow through mud and grit without a care in the world, but that doesn’t mean that its owners don’t like to keep it in top condition. When your Defender isn’t out making the most of the countryside, then consider one of our superbly crafted car covers to keep it protected from dust, scratches, the elements and more. Whichever type of Defender you own, we’re able to tailor make a cover that fits it perfectly - and when the new model is released in a few years we’ll be able to produce a perfectly fitting cover for that too.

A cherished vintage Defender that’s kept in a garage or private showroom would benefit from one of our Prestige covers. These fleece-lined soft covers keep dust from accumulating on your Defender, and can also help prevent scratches if anything brushes up against it. Alternatively, our Stormshield covers are more suited to Defenders that will be kept outside. They are lightweight and breathable, but will protect your car from the elements, helping to prevent rust from becoming an issue, even on older vehicles. If you’re not sure which level of cover you need, don’t hesitate to contact us, or read through the specifications on the product pages.

Outdoor Car Covers
Starting from £199
Our Stormshield range of car covers offers unveiled tailoring and protection. All our materials are waterproof and breathable with a non abrasive inner lining. Protecting you car from both the elements and unwanted attention. If you can't find you car in our database then please contact our sales team to discuss your options.
Outdoor Covers
Indoor Car Covers
Starting from £199
The Prestige indoor car cover range offers you a spectrum of colours and options to select from. This fully bespoke cover can be in your teams favourite colour or have your own family crest the choice is yours. With contrast piping and and racing stripes there are no two covers the same. Make it unique with Specialised Covers.
Indoor Covers
Commercial & Industrial
Starting from POA
At Specialised Covers we not only supply full cover protection but also a wide range of other services. With an array of materials at our disposable, we are only limited by our imaginations. We can create specialist printed covers to silk reveals; nothing is too large or small. Contact our Sales team if you looking for something more unusual on 01943 864646.
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