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4 insane cars you won’t believe are street-legal!

Designing a car that’s both practical and easy to drive is likely to score high with motorists looking for a stress-free investment. However, practical vehicles often come attached with an uninspiring, wooden stigma. And this association with dreary motors, has caused a number of whacky car designers, to tear up the car-manufacturing booklet and create the craziest road legal cars out there today.

The flatmobile

If you’ve ever wondered what the Batmobile would look like following a run-in with a compactor, then look no further. It’s the lowest street-legal car currently on the road. Sitting at a measly 19-inch, it’s also the only car capable of passing cars without changing lanes. flatmobile

The world’s smallest car

We know what you’re thinking, it looks like a coin-operated kids ride found outside the supermarket. Well, that’s because it is. Owner Perry Watkins’ folds himself into the ridiculous 41-inch high, 26-inch wide car, with a chassis from a Shanghai Shenke quad bike and wheels from a Monkey motorcycle. Named the Wind Up, Watkins made sure it could reach speeds of 40-mph and had window-wipers to ensure it was road-legal. smallest_car


Who says the fair should only come to town once a year? Now you can enjoy the fair all year round with this road-legal dodgem. Built on a Reliant body and engine it’s believed this certified head-turner was built by a number of contestants on Scrapheap Challenge. For those of you wishing for that perfect wind-in-hair car this summer, we’re afraid it’s just been sold at auction. But not to worry, the fair’s just around the corner. road-legal-dogem

An actual tank

Stephen Ellison has been cruising round in his 1974 Sabre Light Reconnaissance Tank, which actually served in the Kosovo war before it was redeployed for a new assignment: taking Ellison to the shop for his morning paper. The lightweight tank has a top speed of 40-mph and the only modifications required to make it street legal were; rubber tracks and of course deactivation of the gun.  road-legal tank