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5 caravanning must have accessories

Many would be forgiven for unhitching their caravan and returning it back to storage for another year, after yet another miserable summer in Britain. But for those who remained defiant in tackling ‘summer’, they’ll be rewarded with a burst of well anticipated sunshine. That’s right, the sun’s finally coming!

But before you all pile into the family motor and head to your favourite hotspot, we’ve compiled an essential top 5 list of accessories you must take.

1. Steps

Regardless of your height, steps are a must have! They provide a safe, easy and practical method of entrance to your van. There are many varieties available, all dependent on your van and what style you’re after. Check out they provide a wide range of steps from folding to non-folding.

2. Awning 

Caravans can become rather cramped, especially when there’s a family full. Awnings provide an additional extension to your van; they’re perfect for lounging in, as well as eating - the additional size will allow your family to spread out and enjoy the proper outdoors.

3. Folding chairs

This may seem like a simple one, but the space saved from folding chairs will make packing much easier. Why not have a look at a canvas fishing chair? They’re extremely durable, they fold away in their own bag and they even have a drinks holder!

4. First aid box

You’re miles from any chemist, the local store only sells basic groceries, so make sure you pack this necessity! But don’t just take a few plasters and swabs, make sure you get the full works, after all it’s your safety that’s in risk. Keep a note of what’s running low (let’s hope this isn’t a regular occurrence!) and replace them when possible.

5. Caravan towing protector

Each time you travel your van’s bodywork and windows are at risk of being chipped and dented by loose stones and debris on the road. A towing protector will ensure these unwelcome annoyances don’t damage your van. The protector will certainly be a worthwhile investment, not only will it protect from potential damaged windows, it will also help maintain the value on your van.

Here at Specialised Covers we understand the importance of protecting your second home. So we’ve engineered the perfect towing protector to suit your caravan. The Towing Protector will protect your van in the harshest of journeys, keeping the front of your caravan safe from stones, dirt, insects and whatever else the road throws at it.