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Get a top performance from your Tow Pro Lite

In order to get the best performance from your towing protector, it is important to ensure it’s fitted correctly.

Our Tow Pro Lite is designed to be easily fitted easily but if not fully secured, sagging can occur meaning your caravan may not be fully protected. Marks and dirt may also appear if your cover is not fitted properly.

It’s important to remember that black marks on the front of a caravan can appear for different reasons but the material is not one of them. The material has been tested for colour fastness and the dye does not run.  

The four reasons are:

1. Tow Pro Lite is not fitted correctly 

As the Tow Pro Lite is a semi-fit product, the cover needs to be adjusted to fit your particular caravan. The most obvious is width where the two sides are folded in to suit. It’s also essential to remember the length of the cover and ensure the awning tape is cut to fit as required. Do not leave the bottom of the caravan exposed as the webbing straps (which are not colourfast) will be pressed against the caravan. In wet weather the dye will run and leave marks on the caravan. The straps should not touch any of the white part of the caravan in any circumstances.  

Ill fitting Tow Pro Lite

2. Dirt can hide in nooks and crannies  

Occasionally, when washing a caravan, those little nooks and crannies can get missed and they can build up with dirt in the guttering, under the windows and in the locker box areas. When travelling in the wet, the rainfall can get behind the cover and cause it to break down this dirt and allow it to run down the caravan. Other places to look out for dirt is on the roof where water can push it down behind the cover. Once behind the cover, the dirt can be rubbed against the body work and exasperate the problem.  

General dirt

3. Marks appearing because sealant/wax/exterior protection polish has been applied  

Sealants are often used to protect the paintwork of caravans. Depending on the application of these types of product and the particular chemicals within them, the cover can break down the chemicals whilst compounding against the caravan front during transit. This is the reaction of the sealant breakdown. These marks can be easily removed using MER or Fenwicks.  


4. Rubber seals around the windows running in the wet  

Similar to the dirt, the caravan windows have a rubber seal around them and if they have broken down they can produce black streaks down the caravan. The black marks in this case are caused by the dye in the sealant, not the cover material. Again, these should easily clean off.  

Window seals

For guidance on fitting your Tow Pro Lite, watch our step-by-step video below which will help you fit your cover correctly, and with ease. 


For more information on the Tow Pro Lite or any other products within the Tow Pro range, simply click here or call us on 01943 864 646 where our friendly team are on hand to offer expert advice.