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Hook up with Specialised this summer!

If you're visiting us for patterning & would like to park up over night in your van or motorhome, you're more than welcome to stay with us!

If we're producing a cover for your caravan or motorhome and we need to take a new pattern, it's more than likely you'll be visiting and staying for an hour or so whilst our Design Team take the measurements and create a tailored pattern for your vehicle.

If you're already based in Yorkshire, then you wont have a long journey, but if you're travelling from further afield the round trip can take some time, which can be very tiring in one day!

The good news is that our brand new factory, comes complete with a fabulous new car park and electric hook up. From May 2018, you can now stay with us and use the hook up free of charge over night; meaning no more long, tiresome journeys in the same day.

Electric Hook Up

The hook up is available 7 days a week, but we usually recommend driving up on a Sunday so our team can take your pattern on the Monday.

If a pattern is required our team will confirm this with you, and pre-book a convenient time and date for your visit. That way we can ensure the hook-up is free for your use, and give you access to our secure, gated site.

Why not combined your visit with a tour of Yorkshire and enjoy a couple of days in our friendly county!


To order your tailored cover, click here or call us today on 01943 864 646 to book your caravan or motorhome in for patterning.