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A Specialised Cover reveals the Bloodhound Supersonic Car

This weekend, 8 years of design, planning and engineering will finally have its first public airing as the Bloodhound Supersonic Car is revealed to over 8,000 eager spectators in London's Canary Wharf. The Bloodhound SSC project is a global engineering venture involving over 350 companies and universities, focused primarily on inspiring the next generation by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible. The 1000 mph behemoth of a car will take to the global stage as the team attempt to smash the world land speed record in South Africa next year on the Hakskeen Pan, a 19 km long by 5 km wide patch of desert that has been painstakingly hand cleared of stones and debris in preparation for the run but first, the official launch to the UK public. And here at Specialised Covers we are proud to play a small part in the project. Not only have we provided a bespoke tailored cover to preserve and protect the ground-breaking supersonic car as it travels from Bloodhound headquarters in Bristol to the public unveiling in London and then again as the team undertake the journey to South Africa in early in 2016, but we have also provided the silk reveal cover which is draped over the rocket-on-wheels before the dramatic unveiling to the public. At 13.4 meters long and weighing 7.5 tonnes, the supersonic car has needed over 123 meters of fabric for the silk reveal cover and over 90 meters of our heavy duty Stormshield+ for the outdoor protective cover. In total, 80 man hours have been used to produce both covers, with the initial ‘measure up’ day requiring 3 designers to get to grips with the monster car. Through the production process, it took a full day to sew the silk reveal and another 2 full days to sew the outdoor Stormshield+, with 10m of Velcro alone being used to give access to the wheels and other key parts of the car. With the Bloodhound Project about to be revealed to the public, our Managing Director Elliot Long over the moon to be involved, “As a family, we love cars, especially super cars, hence the launch of Specialised Covers 35 years ago. Seeing the Bloodhound Project develop, we knew we wanted to be involved and make sure this feat of engineering was kept in pristine condition, no matter where it is in the world, with a little bit of Yorkshire tailoring heritage covering it. We take as much pride and passion in creating all our car covers as we have put into our involvement with this historic project" For more information on our Stormshield+ covers visit