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Caravan times report on the Bailey Tow Pro Elite challenge

Earlier this week, when Bailey of Bristol announced the results of their latest Australian off-road towing test, some of our more eagle-eyed readers may have spotted one key detail.  The caravans in question were all sporting a towing protector to defend the nose-end against dirt, stones and general debris. Towing protectors are becoming increasingly popular, not just in Australia, but in the UK as well, and this particular cover was made by Yorkshire based firm Specialised Covers.  The company has been working on tailored storage covers for caravans for many years, but the towing cover is a newer development.
Elliot Long, Managing Director of Specialised Covers, explains that the company's top of the range product, the Tow Pro Elite, was designed with Australian Outback conditions specifically in mind. "It's doing the job we intended it to do." Bailey Australia was the driving force to help us redesign our new product, and it's really taken off over there. "The Tow Pro Elite is now standard spec in Australia, as many caravanners will tow for 5,000km and they need a product that can withstand anything the elements throw at them, from hailstones to extreme UV and loose rocks."
Even if your average towing journey is a little less dramatic, then a towing cover could still prove to be a very savvy investment.
"We all know how expensive those windows are to replace, the cost of a cover in comparison is negligible," Elliot explains. "When customers use these covers on their caravans, the dealers tell us that when it comes to part-exchange they're not knocking off £1,000 for towing damage anymore; they're paying for themselves and more."
Written By Chris Jefferies Bailey Tow Pro Elite