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Bring your Dog to work Friday !!

Today is the Specialised Covers ‘Bring your dog to work’ day, which we have all been incredibly excited about. A day where the dog owning staff of Specialised Covers were encouraged to bring their dogs for socialising and showcasing. A steady stream of anxious owners and their excited pets rolled in, owners having prayed the entire journey from home “please don’t embarrass me in front of my employers”. Already dubbed a bad idea, the first 10 minutes of the doggy-day had brought ‘accidents’, fall-outs and the spilling of water bowls. By 9am, the numbers had built to a chaotic ensemble of purebreds and mongrels ranging from small Shitzu crosses to the larger Siberian Huskies. The pack eventually calmed to gently strolling around the individual offices, sniffing and playing together much to the delight of their owners. During the course of the day we each became accustomed to hearing “not on the carpet”, being yelled in an embarrassed tone. After the early departure of our dog-allergic Customer Services Manager came the storming of the sales room. A room which is already busy, without the hustle of 10 excited dogs all barking in unison. Within the group came a real mixture of personalities, from the grumpy elders to the playful pups  making a group photograph near to impossible, the dogs however were very easy to photograph. A fun, slightly stressful and enjoyable day was had by all. Thank you to all the below for being our source of enjoyment. Woody, Bramble, Molly, Hugo, Bonnie, Coco, Darcy, Buster, Demon and Cara.