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Free caravan eBook: 30 hints and tips

caravan hints and tips Caravanning is a rewarding adventure for the entire family, but whether you’re just starting out or an experienced caravanner, it can be can still throw up new challenges along the way. Specialised Covers recognise the complexity of these challenges and have both personal experience, whilst gaining insiders knowledge from their customers’, which have enabled us to produce a FREE caravan eBook. The free eBook contains 30 hints and tips to ensure an overall improved caravanning experience.

Why an eBook?

Specialised Covers have created a number of caravan blogs containing hints and tips over the past year, and just like many forums and sites across the web the information appeared somewhat scattered. So we decided to pull together all those sources, whilst adding in additional and recent information, to create the caravan eBook.

What’s inside?

Help keep your insurance claims down Top tips to help protect your caravan during winter months Insider experiences Top accessories you can’t caravan without Discount code for redemption on your next Specialised Covers purchase

How can you get yours?

Downloading your eBook couldn’t be simpler, just visit the designated eBook page here, and fill in your email. We’d love to hear your feedback on the eBook, whether it’s your personal experiences of caravanning or if you’d like to make suggestions for future eBooks please let us know.