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Evolution, Not Revolution.

Our website has been live now for a little over a week and already we have identified areas in which we feel we want to develop some more and which we believe will hopefully enhance the usability of the site even more. As great as it is to create a beautifully slick and stylised ‘look’ for our company website, we appreciate it is just as fundamentally important to have a simple and easy to use site in which everyone can use – not just the ‘computer savvy’ generation!?

To give just a brief insight into some of the developments we’re planning on implementing over the coming weeks and months - we have based great importance on making our products as visually inspiring as possible! We have a great portfolio of imagery now, which we’ll continue to grow. On larger format computer screens we’re able to present this imagery within a large ‘Media Panel’ and yet still be able to see other important areas within the page such as the scrolling ‘Showroom’ and the following ‘Product Information Panel’. Using these monitors gives a great overview of the products and keeps everything to hand. Unfortunately, not every user will experience the website this same way and therefore will potentially not have the same satisfactory customer experience?

With this in mind, we are developing a way to hide and unhide the large format ‘Media Panel’ we see at the top of each page as it loads. This will be achieved by simply minimising this panel by collapsing it into a smaller ‘header-style’ band. This will move the other content on the page upwards and within the visible viewing area of smaller, low resolution monitors.

Other developments will include the ability to view the customisation you make to your cover as you make it - for example, the colour of the cover panels on a bike image will change as you select your colour, as will the piping or even the graphics you select.  We will be adding video tutorials and comprehensive visual fitting guides to all products also.

We are constantly updated our database with Car, Bike and Caravan manufacturers and models. We already have an extensive collection currently online however there are some covers still to be added. If you can’t find your make and model of vehicle then please call and speak with our sales team as its more than likely we will have a cover for you.