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Geneva Motor Show 2012

New cars, define motor shows. This is especially true of Geneva because it’s the first chance manufacturers get to show off their new models.

The Lamborghini Aventador was an imposing presence on media day, mainly because it is huge…and stunning.  The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta also drew a crowd, mainly because it’s a new Ferrari.

Land Rover confirmed that they really are serious about a convertible Evoque, even if we're not, and Jaguar launched an estate version of their XF, but gave it a silly name; the ‘XF Sportbrake’.

There were couple of surprises for the opening day. Firstly, Vauxhall won car of 2012 with their Ampera, a car that alternates between electric power and fuel depending on the speed your doing. Essentially this is a ‘proper’ hybrid car and for that reason, we don’t think it should have won. Until Hydrogen cars are brought into production, hybrids and full electric cars should be treated as a stopgap and if we’re really honest, a fad. Frankly any of the models mentioned before the Ampera could have been car of the year. (The standard Evoque came in fourth place with the VW-up taking second).

The second surprise is a car that will never be car of any year and probably won’t win any awards, ever; the Bentley EXP9F.

If the name wasn’t an indication that this car is going to awful, it’s looks should definitely do the trick.

Essentially, it’s an SUV. Bentley is trying to take a slice of the Range Rover market, but their EXP 9 F Concept is so vulgar, so uncouth, even Wayne Rooney might think this is a step too far (…ok perhaps not).

I really hope Bentley go back to the drawing board and re-think this one. It makes sense for them to have a bash at an SUV, but not in this current guise.