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Gordon May's ultimate motorbike trek

Many wouldn’t consider trekking across the world’s toughest terrain on a modern and technological advanced motorbike. But for Gordon May, that challenge seemed all too appealing, so appealing that he chose to tackle both Egypt and India on bikes over 50 years old. Gordon’s 8390 miles from Manchester to Chennai, India in just seven weeks would certainly have been a challenge for most modern vehicles, but his 1953 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet was more than up for the job. Not only did Gordon’s experience hazardous road condition, he was also involved in a crash in Pakistan resulting in a bent fork and twisted bottom yolk. But this didn’t deter Gordon’s desire. In 2010 he set about on a modified BSA Bantam 1952 called Peggy, to Egypt. Gordon’s first attempt would end prematurely in northeastern Italy due to an engine failure, but Gordon’s determination to succeed remained. After spending six months rebuilding the engine and having learned from his previous mistakes, he set off once more. This time, successfully crossing through Tunisia and Libya, and although Gordon faced many challenges, Peggy joyously cruised into the Pyramids, in Cairo. But this was only half the job complete, the return trip via Jordon and Syria, was difficult, as expected, but the Bantam proudly return the pair safely to the UK. Gordon’s challenges are certainly no mean feat, he was strict on the vehicle and equipment choices he made. It was important he could trust the quality and standard of the equipment selected. Specialised Covers were proudly the choice of cover for both of Gordon’s bikes during his epic journeys across India and Egypt. Gordon was kind enough to share these kinds words following his experience of the covers. ‘A good cover not only protects your bike from the elements, it can act as an extra deterrent to prying eyes and hands. Being able to securely cover up when you want to explore a new place gives peace of mind and makes for a more enjoyable trip too. In 2008 I used a bike cover from Specialised Covers on my 8400-mile ride from Manchester to South India. It was superb. I then used a smaller Specialised cover to protect a 1952 BSA Bantam, which I rode to Egypt in 2010. It performed just as well, and on such a low-powered motorcycle I was grateful for its feather lightweight. The cover was wholly waterproof and clipped under the bike front and rear for added security. I highly recommend them.’ Gordon is currently planning his toughest journey yet, which sees him tackle South Africa taking him across the Sahara to Mauritania, along the Gulf of Guinea then down the West Coast of Africa to two Congo’s and Angola. Specialised Covers are pleased to announce that Gordon will further his use of the cover he used on his India trip, as he’s treks South Africa on the same 1953 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet. For more information on Gordon’s fantastic story check out corresponding links to each journey above or visit: India Trek Egypt Trek  South Africa Trek