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Judge's Verdict: No Meade To Copy!

Judgment in an on going legal battle between two caravan cover manufacturers, Specialised Covers and Pro-Tec, has been handed down by the Patents County Court in London.

Pro-Tec brought legal proceedings against Specialised Covers because it believed Specialised had copied the design of some of its front towing covers.

Specialised Covers is a family business that has been running for over 30 years, tailoring covers for anything from caravans to Formula 1 cars. Managing Director of Specialised, Elliot Long explains:

“Needless to say we were extremely surprised by the action taken by Pro-Tec. We didn’t copy any of Pro-Tec’s designs; we didn’t need to. We spotted some gaps in the caravans covers market and filled them with our original designs. We design far more complex products for Formula 1 teams and prestige car brands like Audi and Bentley. Customers love the products.”

Pro-Tec initiated their legal complaint back in August 2010 and the case finally came to trial on 6 – 8 September 2011.

The judge, Richard Meade QC, concluded that Specialised Covers had not copied any of the features of Pro-Tec’s designs. The judge found that the evidence showed that Specialised Covers went through its own original design process.

“We are absolutely delighted with the result,” Mr Long explains. “Our position has been completely vindicated. Our products are original and high quality. We expect to recover a substantial sum in respect of our legal costs from Pro-Tec. Our focus now is on continuing to provide our customers with the high quality products and unrivalled service they have come to expect from us.”

Specialised Covers are now offering Tailored Towing Protectors for all new models (2010 onwards). The Tailored Towing Protectors were originally designed for a small number of models, but customer demand is seeing the company expand its range.

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