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McLaren P12 – F1 Successor – Spy photos

With just two weeks until the official release of McLaren’s new super sports car – codenamed P12 – it has been spotted camouflaged in a Specialised Cover.

Just a few days ago McLaren teased petrol-heads with the release of a visually dynamic video, which revealed very little ahead of its official unveiling at the Paris motor-show in two weeks.

The McLaren is expected to use a wider carbon fibre body than its predecessor, the 12C, with a more defined bonnet – which can just be made out on the video. The P12 is expected to feature a development of the MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, producing well over 700bhp.

A Formula One-derived KERS system will deliver additional acceleration in short bursts. However, unlike the F1 which featured an innovative three-seat arrangement, the P12 will stick with a traditional sports car setup of only two.