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My work experience placement

At Specialised Covers we strongly believe that helping young people learn about industry and business is important, and getting a chance to gain that all important experience, is essential.

So, we were delighted to welcome Horsforth High School pupil, Emily Shaw to our team this week who has had the opportunity to work across several departments and find out a little more about what we do.

Emily was also able to really discover what she enjoys, and will hopefully take some of what she has learned forward, into her future education and hopefully, career. Thank you for all your hard work this week Emily! 

My Work Experience Placement By Emily Shaw 

When my school announced that we all had to do a week-long work placement to gain experience in a professional environment, I wasn’t the only one who envisioned sitting in a stuffy office photocopying paperwork, wondering what a FAX machine actually does and dreading the moment that someone might ask me to use it. 

I mentally prepared myself to remember a week’s worth of coffee orders, as I didn’t expect to find a job that I would genuinely enjoy, but I’m glad to say that I did, here at Specialised Covers. When I heard what I would be able to do here, I was very excited, and despite being a little nervous, I couldn’t wait to begin!

This week I have been working with the Design Team, learning new skills and finding out more about the company. I have made covers for the cabinets in the design room, helped to fit two car covers and even designed a few new uniforms for the Design Team. This last one was probably my favourite task, as I hope to design t-shirts professionally one day, and plan on opening my own Redbubble store when I turn 16. 


I have also had the opportunity to work in the Marketing Department, creating a social media plan for the company and designing an icon for an upcoming summer campaign.

Before this week, I didn’t realize just how much planning goes into these things, and I now have a newfound appreciation the effort that it takes to run a social media account for a business.

I think the skills that I have developed this week will help me massively, not only in my GCSE courses, but also in my future career, as I would like to work in an art/media based job.