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New Google Maps App Turns Street View Into Route Video

We don't know about you, but we love Google's street view. Whether for mapping accurate directions, or entertaining a lunch break with the millions of funny pictures to be found, it's a great tool. So not only is it incredibly useful, but now, thanks to some clever programmers, it's even better! Teehan+Lax Labs have created a software that animates any journey, (as long as it's connected through street view enabled roads) and produces a video of where you're going. Even better, it's really simple to use. All you need to do is select your A & B points and press create! So next time you're off to a new Caravan rally, going away for the weekend or just fancy a drive, give it a go. Or, why not try it with your dream journey. Want a safer way to experience the autobahns?! Fancy a cruise along the Amalfi Coast? Drive along Route 66? The possibilities are endless. Visit to create your own (It only works with Google Chrome web browser) We'd love to see what journeys you've created, so let us know. We just hope yours is more interesting than our drive from the factory to Tesco round the corner for lunch!