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What happens when fashion and cars collide?

Our beloved British car brand Mini is renowned for supporting good causes. Since 2001 the brand has collaborated each year with a guest fashion designer for the Life Ball, the biggest AIDS and HIV charity in Europe. Past contributions include Missoni, Mario Testino, Diesel, Agent Provocateur and The Blonds. Here’s a selection of other collaborations that have occurred along the way.

Original Mini Paul Smith

This original Mini wrapped in Paul Smith pattern epitomises one of the world’s most recognisable designer brands. And what better way to pay homage to Sir Paul than feature the print on one of Britain’s most iconic cars.

Mini Kenneth Cole

The Kenneth Cole edition had 80,000 studs painstakingly attached by hand onto the exterior of this Mini Convertible.
Mini Kenneth Cole

Mini Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa, awarding winning Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein had her wicked way with this Mini Countryman, wrapping the car in a black stealthy finish. Mini Calvin Klein

Citroen DS3 Yves Saint Laurent

As well as Mini, there's been other manufacturers exposed to the designer spotlight. Citroen worked with well-known fashion designer Yves-Saint-Laurent to create this special edition DS3. The subtle modifications include the new red paint work together with a black recognisable YSL roof logo. Citroen-ds3-YSL

Fiat 500 Barbie

Surely if you’re old enough to drive you’re too old for Barbie? Well Fiat doesn’t think so. This unique Fiat 500 Barbie was unveiled for Barbie’s 50th anniversary last year by doll manufacture Mattel and Fiat. As you can see it’s extremely pink and girlie, with sparkling crystal interior. Fiat-500_barbie

Fiat 500 Diesel

We have yet another Fiat 500, but this time brought to us by clothing brand Diesel. The 500 has denim upholstery with pocket stitching and Diesel badged gear stick.


Range Rover Victoria Beckham

The Range Rover Evoque has been a huge success since its launch back in 2011, especially with prices set at a reasonable £40,000. So it comes as a surprise that Victoria Beckham’s very slightly modded Evoque should cost double that at £80,000. But this price hasn’t proved a sticking point for those looking to take essences of the catwalk onto the roads. The Beckham edition features a matte-finish, gunmental-grey paint scheme. Gloss black wheels are fitted and there’s even gloss out back on the scuff plates. It’s these features that make this Evoque, the best–looking model yet. Range-Rover-Evoque-Beckham-Edition